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Landscaping Achievements

Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a breakdown of all the Nook Miles Achievements relating to landscaping, including planting flowers, trees and shrubs, and selling weeds.

Greedy Weeder

You will likely unlock two greedy weeder achievements just from clearing your island of all its weeds for the first time and then selling them. After that, you will only get one or two weeds on your island per day, so if you’re looking to complete all Greedy Weeder achievements, you should weed mystery islands that you visit. Then, you need to sell those weeds to Timmy and Tommy to complete the task.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Sell 50 weeds 300 Messy Lawn Clippings
Sell 200 weeds 500 Omnivorous Custodian
Sell 1,000 weeds 1,000 Herbivorous Sorter
Sell 2,000 weeds 2,000 Vigorous Sprout
Sell 3,000 weeds 3,000 Wild Beast

Flower Power

These achievements require that you plant lots of flowers! You can buy flower seeds from Nook’s Cranny and Leif’s Flower Shop.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Plant 10 flowers 300 Greenhouse Flower
Plant 50 flowers 500 Thorny Rose
Plant 100 flowers 1,000 Heavenly Rejuvenator
Plant 200 flowers 2,000 Sweet-Smelling Blossom
Plant 300 flowers 3,000 Gorgeous Groom/Bride

Having lots of flowers will earn you Nook Miles and they make your island look pretty, too!

Flower Tender

These achievements are unlocked for watering lots of flowers. You can easily obtain these achievements just by watering your flowers everyday.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Water 10 flowers 300 Refined Caretaker
Water 50 flowers 500 Detailed Keeper
Water 100 flowers 1,000 Careful Gardener
Water 500 flowers 2,000 Caretaking Ringleader
Water 1,000 flowers 3,000 Flower-Loving Boss

Tomorrow’s Trees Today

To unlock these achievements, you need to plant trees. More specifically, you need to plant saplings, which can be bought from Nook’s Cranny. You can

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Plant 5 saplings 300 Outdoorsy Defender
Plant 10 saplings 500 Organic Dietitian
Plant 30 saplings 1,000 Hay-Feverish Sneezer

Fruit Roots

The Fruit Roots awards work differently to the other achievements. This is because the order in which you plant your first new fruit tree is different depending on which fruit you find first. The nook miles will increase with each new fruit you plant so it starts at 100, then 200, 300, 500 and then 700 Nook Miles for when you have all 6 fruit plants.

To find new fruit, you should interact with other players and trade fruit types with them. You can also find new fruit on mystery islands!

Task Unlocked Titles
Plant a Cherry tree Twin’s Other Half
Plant an Orange tree Total Freshman
Plant a Pear tree Unpearable Pear
Plant a Peach tree Plucky Star
Plant an Apple tree Crisp Mr./Ms. Popular
Plant a Coconut tree Tropically Grown Coconut

Fruit Roots rewards you for each new fruit type you have on your island!

Shrubbery Hububbery

Shrub starts can be bought from Leif’s flower shop. You will earn these achievements by planting your first shrubs. For more information on Leif’s Shrubs, click here.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Plant a shrub 300 Verdant Wonder
Plant 5 shrubs 500 Unrestrained Sentinel
Plant 20 shrubs 1,000 Surprising Snake

Island Designer

These achievements can be unlocked through using the Island Designer app. Each achievement will be unlocked through using the different tools for the first time.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Place paths 500 Trailblazing Runner
Waterscaping 1,000 Swept-Away Pioneer
Cliff Construction 1,000 Cliffhanging Creator

Using the cliff-construction permit for the first time will earn you miles.

Fun with Fences

You can buy fence DIYs in the Nookstop. You will also be gifted 40 fence pieces by Nook after you help him build the island homes, so earning this achievement will be straightforward.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Place 20 fences 500 Efficient Partitioner

Exterior Decorator

This is an easy achievement to get because all you need to do is place 10 items of furniture outside. You can use DIY furniture or store bought.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Place 10 pieces of furniture outdoors 300 Outdoor-Loving Decorating Fiend
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