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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Receiving Visitors

Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers a guide on how to host other players on your island.

How to Open Your Airport

To open up your airport gates to allow friends in, you’ll need to head over to the Airport and speak to Orville at the reception desk. You can then choose to have visitors over by selecting the I want visitors option.

Then, you’ll want to choose whether you want to open your gates for local play or online play.

You can choose to open your gates to local or online players.

Local Play

If you choose local play, then Orville will switch off your internet. Once this option has been chosen, you can confirm you’d like your gates opened to local players. This means anyone in close proximity to you who has also decided to use local play to visit an island. Typically, you need to be in the same room, if not, then the same building, as the other player for local play to work as it does not use Wi-Fi.

Online Play

Online Play requires that you have a good internet connection. If you have a weaker connection, you will likely lag and disconnect during your multiplayer session. When you choose online play, you can then specify if you want to invite your friends or use a Dodo Code™.

  • Friends - If you choose to invite friends, then your gates will be open to your Switch friends. To add people on Switch, you need their friend code.

  • Dodo Code™ - If you choose to open your gates this way, then Orville will give you a unique, one-time code that acts as a password for your island. You can choose to create a Dodo Code that only works for friends, or you can choose to let anyone in by selecting the option the more the merrier. Lots of people in Animal Crossing Forums use the latter Dodo Code option because it is a quick and easy way to visit players who aren’t your friends. You should always be wary of strangers though! And if you’re hosting an event, make sure to frequently change the Dodo Code so that you can control who comes in, as sometimes people will give out your code to other people you don’t know. This is especially the case when you have opened your gates to turnip sellers!

When your gates are open, you can eagerly await your new visitors.

Closing Your Gates

When you’re ready to close your gates, you can ask Orville to shut them. You should ask anyone on your island to leave via your gates and not the fast way, which is by pressing -. This is the safest way to shut down your multiplayers session. Leaving quietly throught the - button is sometimes a bit buggy and can cause players to lose items. This is especially problematic and frustrating if you’ve opened your island to turnip sellers and are expecting tips/donations as the tips will often times disappear. In the worst case scenario, it can also cause your game to crash temporarily, and everyone on your island will be booted. If you’re hosting people on your island, ask that they only leave via the gates to ensure that your session goes smoothly.

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