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How to Unlock Remodelling for Villagers

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to unlock the option to remodel your villagers’ houses with the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

If you haven’t started the DLC, check out our guide on how to begin Happy Home Paradise.

You can now remodel your villagers' homes.

Remodelling Your Villagers’ Houses

Before you can remodel your villagers’ houses back on your home island, you’ll need to first finish the Happy Home Paradise DLC story - which includes designing 30 Vacation Homes, a whole host of Facilities and attending the Music Festival hosted by DJ K.K.

Once you return to your home island after watching the credit scene at the concert, head over to Resident Services. As soon as you walk in Tom Nook will mention that he’s had a number of inquiries into your remodelling services. If you’re interested in remodelling your villagers’ homes, head over to Tom Nook’s desk and choose the ‘Let’s talk homes’ option.

Then, you can choose to either talk about your own house or choose to remodel your villagers’ home. When you select the latter option, you’ll get a pop up allowing you to choose which villager’s house you’d like to remodel. After paying the fee of 9,000 Bells and watching a brief cut scene were Tom asks the resident if they’re happy with you changing up their house (they always say yes), you can get right to the remodelling!

Pick the villager whose house needs a remodel!

You can remodel both the exterior and the interior of the residents house.

Remodelling the Exterior

The first thing you’ll get to do is choose to remodel the exterior or interior. You can do both in one remodel session, or you can just choose to design one or the other.

When remodelling the exterior, you’ll get to choose from four building shapes, a variety of roofing, siding and door options. And you’ll also be able to add a decorative wreath or sign on their door.

You can choose an entirely new look for your villagers' houses!

Remodelling the Interior

To remodel the interior, Nook will transport you into an imaginary realm in which you plan a design for your villager’s house (it looks just like how you’d decorate homes with Paradise Planning, but Nook is there instead of Niko). Unlike with vacation homes, you can’t increase the size of their homes and you can’t add another floor either - you’ll have to make do with the standard house size.

Other than that, you’ll have access to all the furniture from your Nook Shopping Catalogue. Your Nook Shopping Catalogue also includes all furniture, wallpapers and flooring you may have used in any of your vacation home designs. So, naturally, the more vacation homes you design, the more things you’ll have catalogued!

(1 of 2) You won't be able to expand the size of their house

You won't be able to expand the size of their house (left), but you can decorate it however you like! (right)

Your villagers trust you so much with their homes that they don’t have any required items that you’ll need to include in the remodel. You can decorate their homes however you see fit! You can also add partition walls and ceiling fixtures, as well as adjust the lighting brightness or color.

Once you’re happy with your design, speak to Tom Nook to finish up. The design you’ve created won’t show up in your villager’s house until the next day. In addition, you’ll also be paid 1,000 Nook Miles the next day as a thanks from Tom Nook.

(1 of 2) You'll be able to see the remodelled home the next daty

You'll be able to see the remodelled home the next daty (left), your villager will be very excited! (right)

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