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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Your New House

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Your First Home Upgrade

If you were able to pay off your first debt of 5,000 Nook Miles during your first day on your island, then by the second day you’ll have your first house! No more tent living for you. You’ll also notice that the other villagers on your island have also upgraded to more permanent residencies.

Decorating Your House

Now that you have a home, you’ll want to start decorating it! In fact, you will find a letter from the Happy Home Academy in your letterbox on the day of your house upgrade. Attached to the letter will be a DIY recipe for an item of furniture. The Happy Home Academy (HHA) will judges your home each week. You will receive points and a rank based on your decorating skills and the size of your home. This is a chance to show off your interior design abilities.

You can now easily change the layout of your furniture using the down button on the D pad. You can use the left analog stick to hover over an item of furniture. Tap A and it will rotate the item, hold A and you can move it around. This makes decorating your house a lot easier, you won’t have to drag items of furniture around each other like in some of the older games. You can also press the + button to switch to the wall view, so you can easily move things around on your walls.

At first, your home will probably be a bit lack lustre, but building furniture and buying some from Timmy and Tommy will help fill your home out.

This function allows you to easily move items around your house.

You will also now have home storage! By pressing the right button on the D pad you can access your storage where you can keep almost anything you like! You cannot store DIY recipes or live plants, but everything else can be neatly packed away!

Talk to Nook

When you talk to Nook next, he will announce that the new home will set you back 98,000 Bells. Unfortunately, you cannot pay this fee in Nook Miles and will have to earn the money to pay off your debt fair and square. There’s no time limit on earning this money, so you can do it as fast or as slow as you like. But you might want to expand your home so you have more room for decorating with furniture! You can pay your debt off using the Nookstop in the Residential Services facility.

Nook Miles Ticket

As a reward for upgrading your home, Nook gifts you a Nook Miles Ticket! This ticket can be redeemed at the airport. It will cost you 2,000 Miles to purchase tickets. When you redeem them at the airport, you will be whisked off to a mystery island. Visiting these islands is essential to early game progression. You can gather materials and resources, as well as collect new fruits and flowers! You will also be able to meet new villagers and invite them to your island, too!

You can use your Nook Miles ticket to explore new islands!

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