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Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to unlock the Café in the Happy Home Paradise DLC. You’ll also find some ideas on how to decorate your Café, making sure that you also include all the required items whilst creating a cosy space for the Vacation go-ers.

A café for the vacation go-ers!

How to Unlock the Café in the Happy Home Paradise DLC

To unlock the Café, you’ll need to decorate 12 Vacation Homes, and also have completed the School facility. Once you’ve completed your twelfth vacation home, Lottie will take you to the next abandoned facility, which she thinks could be a cute beachside Café. When you’re offered the opportunity to decorate the café, you’ll also unlock the restaurant facility too. You can choose to do whichever one you like first and then go to the other one straight after or at a later date!

Time to remodel this abandoned facility into a wonderful new café.

How to Decorate the Café

Like the School, your first task will be to decorate the exterior. You’ll have the option to repaint the roof, door, walls and awning any of the colors available. Once you’re finished with the exterior (which you can remodel later, anyway), tell Lottie and she’ll take you inside.

The exterior needs a redesign!

Once inside, Lottie will tell you how to change the color and intensity of lighting of the room. To do, you’ll need to open up decorating mode, then press the left d-pad button to open up the menu where you find the option to adjust room size. Here you’ll now find the option to also switch the lighting’s color and intensity. We didn’t find a use for it in this Café but it could definitely be used to change the ambience of a vacation home.

There are a lot of different lighting you can choose from.

Required Items for Decorating the Café

To design the Café, you’ll need to make sure to include x1 Cash Register, x1 Table and x4 Chairs. When you click on one of the required items in the Order Tab it’ll open up a catalogue of all the valid registers, tables and chairs that’ll count towards your required item count.

Happy Home Paradise Café Design Ideas

Other than the required items, you have free reign to do whatever type of café that you want. In the Order Tab, you’ll find a lot of new items that are perfect for building a café. There are a lot of diner-style furniture that could be used to make a diner café. Or, you could go for a more Parisian style café or a modern café.

You’ll definitely want to increase the size of the room to accommodate lots of tables and chairs and café-themed items like a desert case and counters. If you set out your counters in a certain way, you’ll be able to corner off a little space that can act as a behind-the-bar area where you can have a sink and a coffee maker.

(1 of 2) Remember that you can also customize the color of most of the items!

Remember that you can also customize the color of most of the items! (left), Some of the furniture can be changed into fun colors. (right)

From there, you’ll want to put a handful of tables with a range of 2 to 4 chairs around each one. The more random your chairs and table placement are, the more “eclectic” and “natural” your café will feel. If you want to break up the space a bit you could also put some couches and a low table - they’re a pretty common find in real life cafés and will make your café feel cosier.

Use sofas and different tables and chairs to give your café a cosy, vintage-y feel.

Wallpaper and flooring can really make or break the vibe you’re going for in your café. If you want it to feel like a Parisian/European style café, use the windowy wallpapers. And if you want a diner-style space, you can find diner themed wallpaper to match the aesthetic. Don’t forget about accent walls! If you’re using a window-heavy wallpaper having a plain accent wall can be useful for adding wall decorations without it looking weird on the window walls, since you can place decor over the windows because they’re technically fake.

Add an accent wall so you can put things up on the wall without covering the windows.

And finally, don’t forget about the finishing touches! There’s a bunch of food and drink items added to the catalogue, including tea cups and lunch plates. You could use a mixture of them to decorate the various tables in your café. Flowers, plants and books can also make for good “filler” decoration.

When you’re done with your café, you’ll be able to see it filled with vacation go-ers!

Staffing the Café

Once you’re done with your Café, speak to Lottie to decide on two waiters/waitresses to staff the establishment. You can switch up the allocated villagers and also change their uniforms!

After that, you’ll need to take a picture of the inside of your café and the outside too. Next up, you could decide to decorate some more vacation homes, or you could continue straight onto designing the Restaurant!

(1 of 2) Choose who you’d like to work at the Café

Choose who you’d like to work at the Café (left), then take your celebratory photo outside. (right)

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