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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Abel Sisters

Seren Morgan-Roberts

How to Unlock the Tailor Shop

This page offers a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the Abel Sisters Tailor Shop.

The Opening of Nook’s Cranny

When you enter the shop for the first time, you will overhear a conversation between Timmy and Tommy and Mabel the blue hedgehog. She is a clothing supplier and offers to come over to the island every so often to sell clothes to the island residents.

Mabel will bring clothes and wares to the island!

Mabel’s Pop-Up Shop

A couple of days after you met Mabel at Nook’s Cranny, you’ll find her selling clothes on the Plaza outside Resident Services. It is random when she will visit, but you should have her come one or two times a week.

Mabel will sell you different items of clothing, shoes and a variety of accessories. Each time she visits, she will bring different wares to sell.

Mabel sells clothes, shoes and accessories.

Most players will unlock the Tailor Shop within the first week and a half on their new island. It is entirely random when Mabel visits, therefore it is also random when you will be able to unlock the shop. Mabel should visit once or twice a week, and for her to ask you to help her set up a permanent shop, she must have visited two or three times already. During these visits, you’ll also need to have spent 5,000 Bells at her pop-up shop. The shop can’t be built until

Helping Set Up The Tailor Shop

When Mabel is on your island for the second or third time, she will ask you to help her find a spot for a permanent tailor shop. You won’t need to collect materials for it, as Tom Nook says there’s left over materials from the building of Nook’s Cranny.

Mabel will ask you to help find the perfect spot for the new shop!

When you have placed the shop, it will take two days to be built. So the following day after you’ve chosen a spot, the shop will be under construction.

At the tailor shop, you'll be able to buy new clothing everyday!

The Able Sisters Tailor Shop

Once the shop is open, you’ll have a variety of things to try out at the shop:

The Tailor Shop’s Fitting Room

The Able Sisters tailor shop offers clothes, shoes and accessories that your character can wear and gift to other villagers. The shop’s main selection will change everyday. It also has a useful feature called the Fitting Room, which allows the player to try on and buy multiple garments at once. This is great for trying on cohesive outfits or just buying an item of clothing in a different color to the display pieces.

(1 of 2) The fitting room lets you try before you buy

The fitting room lets you try before you buy (left), and you can buy entire outfits at once! (right)


The Mannequins display outfit ideas that often coincide with the seasons. They are switched out every week or so. The outfits on the mannequins will be available to buy in a variety of colors if you use the fitting room.

The Mannequins display cohesive outfits that you could buy for yourself!

Custom Designs Rack

At the back of the store, there is room for you to display any of your custom clothing designs! When you place your custom designs on the rack, there is a chance that your villagers will wear your designs!

If you put any of your designs on the rack, your villagers might end up wearing them!

Custom Design Portal

To be able to use the Custom Design Portal, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership. This portal allows you to download custom designs from creators all over the world. You can also upload your own designs if you wish. To find someone else’s design you must have their creator ID code or the design ID code for the particular design you’re looking for. You can use the criteria search to look up more generic design names, but your best bet for finding good custom designs is to use social media and Animal Crossing forum pages that post creator and design IDs.

(1 of 2) To use the custom design portal you need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership

To use the custom design portal you need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership (left), and then to find specific designs you'll need creator or design IDs. (right)

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