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Trees, Flowers and Shrubs

Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers information on how to plant flowers, trees and shrubs, which are important to achieving a 5-star island.


To plant trees, you can either use fruit pieces or buy hardwood and cedar saplings from Nook’s Cranny. There are six different types of fruit: apples, pears, peaches, coconuts, oranges and cherries. You should aim to get each fruit type as you can sell non-native fruit for 500 bells a piece. You will also earn Nook Miles for planting non-native fruit trees. The best way to get new fruit types is to interact with other players who you can trade fruit with. You can get some different fruits from mystery islands, but you won’t get all of them.

Planting non-native fruit trees will earn you some Nook Miles.

To plant fruit trees, you’ll first need some pieces of fruit to act as seeds. Then, dig a hole using a shovel and then pop into your inventory and then select to plant the desired fruit. It will take 3 days to fully mature.

If you want to plant saplings, you do not have to dig a hole first. However, digging a hole before planting means you have more control over where the sapling will be planted. Like the fruit trees, the hardwood and cedar saplings will take a few days to mature.

Fruit trees are a great source of bells.


Flowers are very important for increasing your island’s rating and appeal. Your island will have one native flower type and then you’ll be able to buy a few other breeds from Nook’s Cranny. When Leif and his Flower Shop visit (which is about once a week), you’ll be able

You should aim to have flowers all over your island. A good place to start is to have flowers near every building and in all of your parks. Flowers are great for adding color to your island. There are 8 different flower breeds: roses, lilies, tulips, mums, windflowers, cosmos, pansies and hyacinths. You can crossbreed flowers to create new colors.

Flowers can be used to create elaborate centerpieces on your island.


Each time Leif comes to your town, he will have a different combination of shrubs to sell. He has a variety of shrub starts to buy so that you can grow your own little bushes.

  • Azalea Shrubs - Bloom mid April to late May.

  • Hydrangea Shrubs - Bloom early June to mid July.

  • Hibiscus Shrubs - Bloom late July to mid September.

  • Tea Olive Shrubs - Bloom late September to late October.

  • Holly Shrubs - Bloom early November to late December.

  • Camellia Shrubs - Bloom early February to late March.

Planting Shrubs

Firstly, you’ll need to buy some shrub starts from Leif. He will always be carrying the shrub that’s in bloom and then another variation that won’t currently be in season. One shrub start costs 280 Bells or you can buy 5 for 1,400 Bells.

Leif sells shrubs and rare flower seeds.

When the shrubs have grown, you won’t be able to walk through them like flowers. They more closely resemble trees, and can be used along with fences to create barriers and enclosures.

To plant them, dig up a hole with your shovel and then select the option to plant the shrub start. You can plant them without making a hole first, but you have more control over where the shrub goes if you dig a hole where you want it. They will take a few days to mature and then if they’re in bloom, they’ll take an extra day to begin flowering.

You can’t cross-breed shrubs and you don’t need to water them.

Bushes are great for adding extra detail to your flowerbeds and gardens.


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