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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Materials on Mystery Islands

Staci Miller

With the Mystery Islands, courtesy of Kapp’n’s Boat Tours, has come the ablity to farm new materials. Although most of these materials aren’t available exclusively on the islands, it makes getting ahold of them a lot easier.

Seasonal Materials

One of the things you can now get from Kapp’n’s boat tours is seasonal items.

You can land on an island that has Cherry Blossoms or Snowflakes. Since Cherry Blossoms are only available for around ten days in the Spring and Snowflakes in the winter, this is huge. Many of us don’t like to time travel far in advance, but you can now keep taking boat tours until you find the season items you need for your DIY.

You could talk to Kapp’n and travel so far that you’re on the other side of the virtual world.


There are also crops to be dug up.

You never know what you’ll find.

With the new update has come the introduction of farming and cooking. To harvest ingredients, you’ll have to find things like mushrooms, tomatoes, sugarcane, and more. You can dig these up on the new islands and take them home.

Star Fragments

Previously, star fragments were only available if there was a meteor shower on your island. Once you wish on the falling stars, the fragments will appear on the beach the next day, opening up the ability to craft the DIY recipes you can collect from Celeste.

Now, you might find a rock on one of Kapp’n islands that spits out star fragments! Position yourself carefully around each one to ensure you get nine items if they do start spitting out something good and start hitting with your shovel.

Dig everything up.

As the Star Fragments seem exclusive to rocks rather than entire islands, you should check every one before leavinhg an island. Leave no stone unturned!

Gyroid Fragments

Gyroids are another new addition to the game. When placed around music, they dance and sing, and they make nice decor even away from the music.

When you travel to one of Kapp’n’s islands, you’ll be able to dig up Gyroid fragments. When you return home, place it in the ground like a plant and the next day, you’ll have your very own Gyroid ready and waiting.

These aren’t hard to find.

Kapp’n’s islands are certainly the most efficient way to get a good collection of Gyroids.

Glowing Moss

Moss is yet another new addition.

There are so many DIY recipes you can use this for.

With a whole new collection of DIY recipes ready and waiting to be made, you’ll have to find moss on Kapp’n’s Mystery Islands — unless you purchase the DLC, in which case, it will grow on your own island.


With Glowing Moss comes Vines. These can also be used in many of the same DIYs that Moss can, as well as their own.

These will stay in place permanently.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of Vines is the permanent ladders that can be added to your cliffs to save you from pulling out your own.


It’s not entirely new to be able to farm Bells. Nook Mystery Tours would sometimes lead you to an island with a rock that would allow you to hit it and Bells would pop out (and the same is still true of many of Kapp’n’s islands).

However, this time around, you might be lucky enough to find Bell Island itself. This is an island filled with Bell Trees — the same ones you can grow on your own island if you plant Bells in the glowing spot.

The island won’t be enough to make you rich, but it will certainly give you a decent boost.

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