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Seren Morgan-Roberts

Halloween falls on the 31st of October and is a time to get spooky with your villagers! This special event comes with a set of furniture DIYs, costumes and villager interactions. In the month leading up to Halloween you’ll also be able to get in the Spooky mood with pumpkins and collecting candies!

It's Halloween! Time to get spooky!

Halloween Season in Animal Crossing

During the month of October, you’ll be able to begin buying all sorts of Spooky items and costumes from both Nook’s Cranny and The Able Sisters’. They’ll have a regular rotation of different items for you to browse. In addition to buying spooky things, you can also craft them too! And to increase the spookiness, during October only you’ll be able to change your skin color and eyes to strange colors like purple and red to get you in the Halloween mood.

Halloween is all about pumpkins, costumes and spooky DIYs.

You’ll begin finding spooky DIYs during the month of October too, and to craft them you’ll need pumpkins! For information on how to plant, harvest and sell pumpkins, head over to our guide on all things pumpkin!

During this time, you’ll also have the opportunity to buy candy from Nook’s Cranny every day in October. You can only buy one per day but you should buy as many as you can throughout the month, as you’ll need them on Halloween night to exchange for DIY recipes and Lollipops (more on that later).

It's time to plant some pumpkins ahead of Halloween!

Halloween Event

By the time that Halloween rolls around, you should have plenty of spooky costumes and decorations around your island! Villagers will even comment on the decor if you’ve placed some spooky items down.

The event starts at 5pm on the 31st of October and finishes at 12am. During this time, you’ll find Jack the Halloween Czar wandering around near the Town Hall, and all of your Villagers will be dressed for the occasion!

Get your costume and candies at the ready, Halloween starts at 5pm on the 31st of October.

When you talk to a villager, they’ll give you the option of ‘trick or treat’. If you say treat, then you’ll give up one of your candies in exchange for a DIY recipe or Lollipop. If you say trick then they’ll scratch you up and ruin your appearance! You can change it back at a mirror though so don’t be too scared! Your goal is to talk to all the Villagers that are outside to earn those DIYs and grab lollipops.

Lollipops can be given to Jack the Halloween Czar in exchange for special items. You need a total of three lollipops to get all his special rewards. All Halloween exclusive DIYs, including those given by Jack can be found in the table below!

A List of all Spooky/Halloween DIY recipes

Below, you’ll find a list of all spooky Halloween exclusive DIY items that you can craft. For a guide on how to get the most DIY recipes in a day, and increase your chances of collecting all limited time Halloween decorations, head over to our guide on how to maximise your daily diy recipes. These are available throughout the entirety of October, leading upto the 31st of October. In addition to crafting them, you can also buy them from Nook’s Cranny. Nook switches out his spooky items every day so make sure to check back for different Halloween items!

Make your house and island spooky with pumpkins and spooky DIYs.

DIY Recipe Materials Cost (Nook’s Cranny)
Spooky Arch x10 Hardwood, x3 Clay, x10 Pumpkin 18,000 Bells
Spooky Candy Set x1 Orange Pumpkin, x3 Candy 3,500 Bells
Spooky Chair x3 Orange Pumpkin, x3 Softwood 5,000 Bells
Spooky Fence x3 Orange Pumpkin, x5 Iron Nugget Can’t be bought
Spooky Lantern x4 Orange Pumpkin 5,600 Bells
Spooky Lantern Set x4 Orange Pumpkin, x4 Clump of Weeds 5,900 Bells
Spooky Scarecrow x3 Orange Pumpkin, x4 Wood 5,200 Bells
Spooky Standing Lamp x5 Hardwood, x1 Clay, x3 Orange Pumpkin 5,800 Bells
Spooky Table x14 Orange Pumpkin, x10 Softwood 22,000 Bells
Spooky Tower x7 Orange Pumpkin 9,800 Bells
Spooky Tree x5 Orange Pumpkin, x10 Hardwood 10,000 Bells
Spooky Trick Lamp x4 Orange Pumpkin, x4 Iron Nugget 11,600 Bells
Spooky Treats Basket x1 Orange Pumpkin, x2 Candy 3,000 Bells

In addition to the Spooky series listed above, you’ll also be able to grab some extra Halloween DIYs during the actual Halloween event. The list below can only be unlocked on the night of Halloween.

Halloween Night DIY Recipes

DIY Recipe Materials Obtained from:
Spooky Carriage x20 Wood, x20 Softwood, x20 Hardwood, x10 Iron Nugget, x30 Orange Pumpkin Give Jack his first and second Lollipop.
Spooky Garland x1 Iron Nugget, x1 Clay, x1 Orange Pumpkin Give Candy to Villagers on Halloween night.
Spooky Table Setting x1 Iron Nugget, x1 Clay, x1 Orange Pumpkin Give Candy to Villagers at the Halloween Event on Halloween night.
Spooky Wand x3 Star Fragment, x1 Spooky Lantern Give Jack his third Lollipop.

In addition to the aforementioned Halloween exclusive DIYs, the villagers will also give you Spooky Flooring, a Spooky Rug and a Spooky Wall, which don’t need to be crafted to access!

Use pumpkin decor to spookify your island.


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