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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Toy Day

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Toy Day coincides with Christmas Eve and is celebrated on the 24th of December annually. During this day, you’ll be encouraged to give gifts to your Villagers to spread the Christmas cheer!

It's time to get festive and give out some gifts!

Toy Day Season

From the 1st of December, you’ll begin to see more Holiday themed items and clothing being sold at Nook’s Cranny and The Able Sisters’. During this time, you’ll also want to begin buying toys and gift wrap from Nook’s Cranny so that you have presents to give on toy day. You can only buy one type of toy per day, but there’s no limit to how many you can buy in one day.

During this time, you’ll also notice that a lot of your spruce trees have Christmas lights on them! If you shake these trees, you’ll be able to grab different colored ornaments (red, blue and gold). These ornaments can be used to craft Festive DIY recipes. There are 13 Festive DIY recipes, and if you want to craft them all at least once you’ll need 36 red, 43 blue and 42 gold ornaments. Get shaking!

Shake the trees with lights to grab ornaments used to craft festive DIYs.

Toy Day (Christmas Eve) Event

On the 24th of December, you’ll find Jingles in your village! He’ll ask you to help him wrap the gifts for the Villagers and you’ll be given a recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper, which requires one of each ornament color (red, gold, blue) to craft.

(1 of 2) Jingle will give you a recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper

Jingle will give you a recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper (left), and you'll need to make some for him! (right)

Once you’ve crafted them, return it to Jingle and he’ll give you some Toy Day Stockings. You should put up the stockings in your home and check them the next day for a special surprise (see below if u don’t mind spoilers)!

Jingle's Stocking SurpriseShow Spoiler

If you put up your stocking on Toy Day, check it the next day to obtain a photo of Jingle!

After you’ve helped wrap the presents, Jingle will ask you to help him deliver gifts to Villagers on your island. He’ll give you a Magic Bag, and you’ll be able to hold it and carry it around until you’ve finished or Toy Day is up (at 5am). When you talk to Villagers with the bag equipped, you’ll be able to give them gifts and then they’ll give you a nice Toy Day present in return. Whilst you’re doing this, you may also want to give them your own wrapped gift! A Toy that you’ve bought from Nook’s over the last month, perhaps?

(1 of 2) After you've helped with the wrapping paper he'll ask for help with giving out gifts

After you've helped with the wrapping paper he'll ask for help with giving out gifts (left), your villagers will love you for it! (right)

Once you’ve delivered all of the gifts from Jingle’s magic bag, report back to him and he’ll offer you a Toy Day Sleight and a DIY recipe for a Gift Pile (see material requirements below). That’s the main part of Toy Day over, but don’t forget to chat to your villagers, make snowmen and craft Festive DIYs to make the most of the Holidays.

Festive DIY Recipes

DIY Recipe Materials
Big Festive Tree x6 Red Ornament, x6 Blue Ornament, x4 Gold Ornament, x5 Wood, x5 Clay
Festive Tree x3 Red Ornament, x3 Blue Ornament, x2 Gold Ornament, x5 Wood
Festive Rug x5 Red Ornament, x5 Blue Ornament, x5 Gold Ornament
Festive Top Set x2 Gold Ornament, x1 Hardwood
Holiday Candle x5 Red Ornament, x5 Clump Of Weeds
Illuminated Present x3 Red Ornament, x4 Gold Ornament, x3 Iron Nugget
Illuminated Reindeer x6 Gold Ornament, x5 Iron Nugget
Illuminated Snowflakes x9 Blue Ornament, x3 Iron Nugget
Illuminated Tree x6 Gold Ornament, x6 Iron Nugget, x8 Red Ornament, x8 Blue Ornament
Jingle Wall x5 Red Ornament, x5 Blue Ornament, x5 Gold Ornament, x5 Clay
Ornament Mobile x1 Red Ornament, x1 Blue Ornament, x1 Gold Ornament, x4 Tree Branch
Ornament Wreath x6 Blue Ornament, x2 Gold Ornament
Tabletop Festive Tree x5 Gold Ornament, x3 Tree Branch, x2 Clay

There are a lot of festive DIYs to make your home cosy and Christmassy!

Toy Day DIY Recipes

On Toy Day, you’ll also get the recipes below from Jingles.

DIY Recipe Materials
Festive Wrapping Paper x1 Red Ornament, x1 Blue Ornament, x1 Gold Ornament
Gift Pile x3 Red Wrapping Paper, x1 Wooden-Block Toy, x1 Cardboard Box
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