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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Build a Park

Seren Morgan-Roberts


You want to start focusing on decorating your island to improve tourism and make your island more appealing!

Building a Park

Parks can be decorated however you like, and no two parks have to be the same! This is an example, though, of the type of things you could include in a park.

Head over to the Nookstop and select the redeem Nook Miles option. In this list, you’ll have lots of DIY recipes for outdoor decor, as well as furniture items that you can order like lamps and public benches. They do cost a fair amount of Nook Miles, so for now we will stick with buying some DIY recipes.

  • Outdoor Bath - The outdoor bath is a small decorative pond that looks good in flowery parks that focus on a more untamed appearance.

  • Fountain - The fountain is a real statement piece and would look amazing in a park with lots of benches and flower beds.

  • Brick Well and Simple Well - The wells would also make a great centre piece in a smaller park.

Make sure you also have a look at the fences available today! You can buy different fence DIYs each day, from stone walls to barbed wire. There are lots of options to suit any park theme. You don’t have to use fencing, but it works well to section off an area and make it feel more like an enclosed space. When you have found a recipe you like, make around 3-5 lots of fencing. The more the better!

Next, head over to Nook’s Cranny and buy some flower seed bags! You should have a fair few to choose from so pick whichever color and breed you like best and buy a bulk. You can also move already grown flowers by using the shovel to pick them up and then replant them in a place of your choice.

Find a Spot for Your Park

You want to find a nice spot that suits your park vision. Don’t worry if there are too many trees right now, you can either cut them down using an iron axe, or move them by empowering yourself with fruit and then digging up the trees. Digging up the trees are a great way to move trees around to wherever you like.

Here, the trees have been moved to create an open space ready for a small park. Fences have been used to enclose the area.

Next up, plant some flowers. You can plant as many or as little as you want. Bear in mind that if you use flower seed bags to plant the flowers, then you won’t have fully blooming flowers for a few days.

Once you have the general layout of your garden finished, you can now concentrate on making some decorations! Remember, you can also customize some DIY recipes. Benches and tables are great for adding a seating area to your parks. Your villagers will often sit on benches, so it’s a good idea to add one to a park if you want your neighbors to interact with the area.

This park has a fountain centrepiece!

For now, your parks will be quite simple, but once you unlock more DIYs, buy more furniture and unlock terraforming and pathing, you’ll be able to create more elaborate parks!

(1 of 2) You can choose to decorate your park with whatever you like

You can choose to decorate your park with whatever you like (left), but the more flowers the better! (right)

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