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This page offers information on how to place paths as well as provide some ideas on how to use paths creatively to make unique parks and decorations.

How to place a path

For now, this is how you place down the default dirt path design. Firstly, you’ll need to access the Island Designer app. After the introductory text, you’ll need to select that you want to begin island construction. After this, you’ll be forced to wear a little construction hat until you exit the app.

To begin placing down paths, press the + button and select the dirt path design. When you press A, you’ll be placing a path infront of your character. When you press A on a part of a path that’s at the end of a larger pathway, it will curve the edges. This won’t happen if the path block you’re altering is in the middle of the path, it will instead just delete the path block. If you want to delete a curved path edge, press A again and that will delete it.

(1 of 2) When you first place down a path the edges will be straight

When you first place down a path the edges will be straight (left), but you can also curve paths to create softer edges to your corners. (right)

For information on how to use the other Island Designer tools, head over to the Terraforming section of this guide for a detailed walkthrough of cliff-construction and waterscaping.

Custom Path Designs

You can buy 8 different path types from the Nookstop. There is even a path that allows you to use custom designs to create paths.

The custom path design lets you design a path for yourself. In the Animal Crossing community, it is also popular to upload and share your designs so that other people can use them. You can do this by accessing the Custom Designs portal at the back of the Able Sisters’ Shop. To download other people’s designs you’ll need their character code or design code, you can find lots of popular designs across social media and Animal Crossing forums. There are many Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter accounts that are dedicated to sharing popular and unique path designs that you can download!

Pathing Ideas

There are lots of things you can do with the pathing tool. Of course, you can just do paths between houses and shops, however, you can also use it to create decked areas, optical illusions and fancy parks. Here are some examples of what you can do with path designs.


If you have lines of flowers or flowerbeds in gardens and parks, then a great detail to add would be to place dirt paths beneath them. You can plant flowers and trees on the dirt paths, and this small change is great for adding depth and attention to detail to your flowerbeds. You can either use the normal dirt path or the dark dirt path, which can be purchased from the nookstop for 2,000 miles.

You can create more realistic and though-out flower beds and gardening areas using the dirt tool to map out where your plants will grow.


Using the wood pathing available from the Nookstop, you can create decked areas. The decking is great for beaches and creating outdoor cafe areas.

This is a small cooking area near the beach.

Path Borders

One thing that has become particularly popular in the Animal Crossing community is designing borders for the default path designs. Custom designs can be placed on top of the other path designs, which means that people love to add borders to their paths and roads. People create flower borders, brick borders and natural borders that make the edges less harsh. They make for a more completed look, though they will take a long time to place. It’s definitely worth it, though!

The path borders here were created by another player to accentuate and match the terra-cotta pathing. Credit: Creator Code MA-7011-8313-9106

Elaborate Park Designs

You can use lots of different custom designs and default designs to add complexity to your parks. Stepping stones and dirt flower beds can help make your parks feel more thought-out and fancy.

This Zen garden is accentuated by mossy stone custom designs and flowerbeds.


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