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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Get Glowing Moss

Staci Miller

Glowing Moss is one of the new additions to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s a material you can plant, and it can be used in a whole host of DIY recipes that have been released to the game.

How To Get Glowing Moss

There are two ways to get Glowing Moss.

The first is by getting lucky and finding the Kapp’n island that has the Glowing Moss on it. Keep taking a boat tour every day to sail to islands, and check them out for this material. If it’s there, it’ll be easy to spot.

Youll be able to plant Glowing Moss on your island to grow more of it - which is good, as there are plenty of DIY recipes to be made.

The second way is by purchasing the DLC. Moss respawns every day at the back of the hub island, so help yourself. If you haven’t yet purchased the Happy Home Paradise DLC, it does make the game easier if you tend to play as a completionist - or even just someone who wants to harvest all they can.

How to Get DIYs

You can get the Glowing Moss DIYs the same way you get any other DIYs. Your best bet is to keep checking the bottles that wash up on the shore of both your island and others that you visit.

You can always trade with friends too. Your villagers will occasionally give out DIY recipes when working on their own projects, so remember to pop into their house and talk to them if they’re working on something.

This dress is just one thing that can be made.

As your villagers tend to give out more simple DIY recipes, however, it’s unconfirmed if they’re going to give out Glowing Moss.

DIY Recipes

Here are all of the DIY recipes available so far. There’s always a chance more will be added into the game.

As you’ll notice, a lot of these DIY recipes only require Glowing Moss. Some, however, require Vines. These can also be found in the same way that Glowing Moss can, though Vines have other uses.

Vine ladders are very handy, though not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the game.

For example, Vines can be turned into permanent ladders on the cliffs on your island. That way, you don’t need to pull out and put away your ladder all the time to get up and down if you don’t have stairways.

DIY Recipe Material Requirement
Glow In The Dark Stickets acnhglowingmoss.png5
Full-Body Moss Glowing Suit acnhglowingmoss.png15
Round Glowing Moss Rug acnhglowingmoss.png5
Glowing Moss Boulder acnhglowingmoss.png15
Glowing Moss Dress acnhglowingmoss.png15
Glowing Moss Headband acnhglowingmoss.png3
Glowing Moss Jar acnhglowingmoss.png3
Glowing Moss Hood acnhglowingmoss.png8
Glowing Moss Pointed Cap acnhglowingmoss.png8
Glowing Moss Rug acnhglowingmoss.png6
Glowing Moss Stool acnhglowingmoss.png8
Glowing Moss Wreath acnhglowingmoss.png5
Glowing Moss Statue acnhglowingmoss.png5 Stone.png8
Glowing Moss Pond acnhglowingmoss.png30 Stone.png10
Glowing Moss Balloon acnhglowingmoss.png10 IronNugget.png1
Suspicious Cauldron acnhglowingmoss.png10 IronNugget.png10
Glowing Moss Cave Wall acnhglowingmoss.png10 Clay.png10
Glowing Moss Flooring acnhglowingmoss.png10 Stone.png5 WeedsIcon.png10
Glowing Moss Forest Wall acnhglowingmoss.png10 Hardwood.png10
Cave acnhglowingmoss.png20 Vine.png10 Stone.png30
Hanging Glowing Moss acnhglowingmoss.png5 Vine.png3


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