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Rare Mystery Islands

Staci Miller

If you’ve started traveling with Kapp’n to new and exciting islands after the update, you might have been fortunate enough to already discover that there are some pretty rare places. These are the islands you’ll be aiming to travel to, though it may take a few tries to reach them.

Rare Islands

There are a number of rare islands you’ll be able to find, and these are the ones the most dedicated players will be able to seek out.

Kapp'n's boat tour will take you to these islands.

It may take a few tries, so be prepared to travel and listen to that sea shanty over and over! Remember, you can only travel with Kapp’n once a day, so you may need to employ some time travel tactics.

Glowing Moss

One of the rare island types available is the island with glowing moss and vines. These can be used in specific DIYs, of which there are forty available right now. You’ll have to get the DIYs themselves from Kapp’n’s islands too, so keep a look out for the glass bottles washed up on shore.

If you have the DLC, the moss will also grow on the hub island towards the back with the ruins.

Star Fragments

Another rare island that’s been discovered is the island with star fragments!

Whenever you arrive at a Kapp’n island, make sure you hit all of the rocks. Whereas it was only possible to get star fragments every time there was a meteor shower on your island before, you can now get them from the rare islands.

You’ll have to hit every rock to check, but when you do find one, it should spit out nine star fragments if you’re in the right position.

Bell Trees

Another rare island you can find on your tour contains Bell trees! Although these are available to grow on your own island, they take three days at a time, so this is a very effective way to farm Bells.

Snowflake Island

The last rare island that players have found so far is the Snowflake island.

Before, you could only find Snowflakes on your island during a very short winter season (December through February for the Northern hemisphere and June through August for the southern). Kapp’n allows you to travel to islands so far away that they’re in different seasons, meaning you can find snowflakes that allow you to make your Ice Furniture!

Cherry Blossom Island

Another rare island to be found is Cherry Blossom Island. This is another out-of-season island where you can find Cherry Blossoms, which you only have a short window for in the game on your own island - namely, April 1-10th for Northern players and October 1-10th for the Southerners.

This is good news for those still building their DIY collections who don’t want to time travel and ruin their turnips.

Other Islands

Although these are the rarest islands, there are plenty of other islands to be found using Kapp’n.

There are many different islands to be found.

You can find rare bugs and fish that you can’t through Nook’s Mystery Tours, as well as the crops that have been introduced with the new update.

You can also harvest fruit like coconuts, which you’ve been able to do with the Mystery Tours for quite some time.


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