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DIY Achievements

Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers information on all of the achievements relating to DIY crafting, including item customizations and achievements relating to tools.

DIY Tools

These achievements are based on how many tools you craft. It does not matter what type of tools you craft, however, if you want to earn these achievements quickly, making flimsy tools is the cheapest and easiest way to do so.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Craft 5 tools 300 Creative Enthusiast
Craft 50 tools 500 Crafty Club Member
Craft 200 tools 1,000 Hip Virtuoso
Craft 1,000 tools 2,000 Bona Fide Technician
Craft 3,000 tools 3,000 Relentless Meister

You can craft flimsy tools and then upgrade them using iron nuggets.

DIY Furniture

These achievements are unlocked by crafting lots of furniture. You can craft any furniture you like, so the best way to quickly earn these achievements is to craft cheaper furniture that use natural resources like stone, clay and woods.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Craft 5 furniture 300 Handmade Resident
Craft 50 furniture 500 Emergent Artisan
Craft 200 furniture 1,000 Picky Crafter
Craft 1,000 furniture 2,000 Humbly Begun Master/Matriarch
Craft 3,000 furniture 3,000 Destructive-Creative King/Queen

Furniture Freshener

With these achievements, you will be required to customize lots of furniture. Most DIY furniture can be customized. To customize, you need to buy some customization kits from Nook’s Cranny.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Customize 5 furniture 300 Unique Eccentric
Customize 20 furniture 500 Change-it-Up Challenger
Customize 50 furniture 1,000 Detailed-Oriented Engineer
Customize 100 furniture 2,000 Mold-Breaking Modder
Customize 200 furniture 3,000 Remodeling Inspiration

You can customize furniture using customization kits.

Have a Nice DIY!

These achievements require that you collect a large amount of unique DIY recipes. For more information on how to get lots of DIYs, click here.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Collect 10 DIY Recipes 300 Trivia Representative
Collect 50 DIY Recipes 500 Savvy Intellectual
Collect 100 DIY Recipes 1,000 Understated Authority
Collect 150 DIY Recipes 2,000 Knowledge-Thirsty Sidekick
Collect 200 DIY Recipes 3,000 Clever Father/Mother

Trashed Tools

All tools break, but some are less durable than others. Flimsy Tools will break far quicker than iron and gold tools. If you want to earn these achievements quicker, just make flimsy tools as they will break faster.

Task Nook Miles Earned Unlocked Titles
Break 1 tool 300 Rascally Clown
Break 20 tools 500 Overboard Crusher
Break 50 tools 1,000 Rowdy Punk
Break 100 tools 2,000 Rough-And-Tumble Meanie
Break 200 tools 3,000 Chaotic Ruiner

Golden Milestone

The Golden Milestone achievements are given for each golden tool you unlock. The nook miles earned are dependent on how many golden tools you’ve already unlocked. The first golden tool will get you 300 miles, then 500 for the 2nd, then 1000 miles, 2000 miles, 3000 miles, and finally 5000 miles when you have all 6 golden tools.

Task Unlocked Titles
Get a Golden Net Shining Jewel
Get a Golden Fishing Rod Top-Notch Luminary
Get a Golden Watering Can Ultimate Miracle
Get a Golden Slingshot Royal Prince/Princess
Get a Golden Axe Glittering Emperor/Empress
Get a Golden Shovel Radiant Supreme Being

The golden tools are more durable and have some special functions.

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