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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Unlocking Island Designer

Seren Morgan-Roberts


To unlock the Island Designer tool, you’ll need to complete Nook’s Project K, which involves having K.K. Slider come to your island to perform a concert. In order to complete this project, you need to reach a 3-star island rating. This is important because when you unlock K.K’s concert, you will also unlock the Island Designer app on your Nookphone.

Inviting K.K. Slider

Once you have eight villagers and have spent some time decorating by creating gardens and parks, head over to Isabelle and talk to her about your island rating. If you’ve done enough decorating, you should have a 3-star island rating.

When Nook hears of the rating, he invites K.K. Slider to play on your island! Unless there is an event occuring the following day, K.K. Slider will come to your island to play a concert.

K.K. has agreed to play a concert for your island!

Once K.K. Slider plays the first concert, he will play at your island every saturday from 6pm, where you can request that he plays any song he’s written.

After K.K’s Concert

After the concert, you’ll be visited right away by Tom Nook, outside your home. First off, he gives you a copy of Welcome Horizons which you’ll be able to play on a radio or record player. He also announces that K.K. will play on your island every Saturday evening.

Most importantly though, Nook gives you a new app called Island Designer! You’ll now be able to unlock terraforming! You’ll be able to construct and demolish cliffs, control water ways and add ponds, and even add paths and change terrain.

At first, you’ll only be able to place paths down with Island Designer, but with enough Nook Miles you can unlock more features at the Nookstop.

The island designer means you can focus on making extreme changes to your island!

Island Designer Tool

At first your app will only consist of pathing. You’ll have the option to place Dirt Paths or Grass. To unlock more functions, you’ll need to buy them using Nook Miles.

Function Cost (Nook Miles)
Waterscaping Permit 6,000
Cliff Construction Permit 6,000
Arched Tile Path 2,000
Brick Path 2,000
Dark Dirt Path 2,000
Terra-cotta Tile 2,000
Wooden Path 2,000
Stone Path 2,000
Sand Path 2,000
Custom Design Path 2,300
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