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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Ice Furniture Collection

Staci Miller

During the Winter season, you’ll be able to collect DIY recipes for the Ice furniture collection. You can collect a recipe every time you build a perfect Snowboy. This can only be done between December 11th - February 24th in the northern hemisphere (and you’ll have to wait for June 11th - August 24th if you’re in the southern hemisphere).

If you’re a time traveling player, the dates are less important but if you stick to the internet clock, this is your limited window to get those Ice DIYs and the materials needed to make them.

The Ice Furniture DIY recipes are given to you by Perfect Snowboys.

How to Build the Perfect Snowboy

Snowboys of various sizes are easy to make, but you’ll have to create a perfect one to get a DIY recipe and a Large Snowflake.

Tom Nook will explain Snowboys when Winter has arrived on your island.

First, you’ll have to locate Snowballs on the island. They usually spawn in areas of open space, so if you have a particularly full island, make room for some. As long as you have enough open space, you should be able to find a couple every day.

Roll one snowball until it’s the same height as the top of your character’s eyes. Roll a second until it’s the same height as the top of your character’s ears.

You can tilt your camera to ensure the heights are correct.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get at perfect Snowboys.

Once you’ve done this, roll them into each other to create a Snowboy. Make sure you leave room around it so you can talk to it, as if you push the Snowballs together in a small space, you might end up being unable to collect your reward.

It’s not only important to make the perfect version to get DIY recipes, but also to get Large Snowflakes. You’ll need one Large Snowflake for every single Ice recipe, and the most efficient way to get them is by perfecting your Snowboy creation.

If you fail to create the perfect Snowboy and it takes some time to get there, you can always time travel or restart the game to practice getting it just right.

Ice DIYs

These are the Ice DIYs, as well as what you need to make each one. Most of them only require Snowflakes, but there are Tree Branches and Star Fragments littered in there. Tree Branches are easy to acquire, but you’ll have to wait for a Meteor Shower night to get those Star Fragments.

You’ll need a lot of Snowflakes to make the Ice Furniture.

DIY Recipe Material Requirement
Frozen Treat Set Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Chair Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Pillar Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Sculpture Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Counter Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Snowperson Head Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Partition Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Table Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Tree Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Ice Flooring Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Ice Wall Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Bed Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Frozen Arch Snowflake.png Large_Snowflake.png
Three-Tiered Snowperson Snowflake.png{.image-icon .icon-40 data-badge=6“} Large_Snowflake.png Tree_Branch.png
Ice Wand Snowflake.png{.image-icon .icon-40 data-badge=6“} Large_Snowflake.png Star_Fragment.png
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