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Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to unlock the Restaurant in the Happy Home Paradise DLC. You’ll also find some ideas on how to decorate your Restaurant, making sure that you also include all the required items for both the kitchen and the dining hall.

Time to design a nice restaurant for the island.

How to Unlock the Restaurant in the Happy Home Paradise DLC

To unlock the Restaurant, you’ll need to decorate 12 Vacation Homes, and also have completed the School facility. Once you’ve completed your twelfth vacation home, you’re offered the opportunity to decorate the Restaurant and Café facility too. You can choose to do whichever one you like first and then go to the other one straight after or at a later date!

How to Design the Restaurant

The first thing you’ll need to do is decorate the exterior! Once again, you’ll get the option to recolor the walls, roof, door and awning. As always, you can change it later!

You can decorate the exterior in a wide variety of colors and color combinations.

Next, Lottie will take you inside and tell you that this time you’ll have two rooms to decorate - a dining hall and a kitchen in the back. Each room will have different requirements.

You’ll have two rooms to decorate - a kitchen and a dining hall.

Happy Home Paradise Restaurant Design Ideas

This section will offer some ideas and inspiration for your own restaurant, based on the furniture you unlock when you first design the restaurant.

Kitchen Required Items

For the kitchen, which is the back room, you’ll need just x2 Stove Tops. However, in the Order Tab you’ll find a huge amount of new kitchen equipment, like steel counters, fridges, freezer boxes and different types of stoves and ovens.

All that is required of your kitchen is two stove tops.

Kitchen Ideas

If you’ve ever seen a professional kitchen, then they look quite different to a home kitchen. They’re often very grey and clinical looking, as stainless steel is easy to clean. The items on offer will help you achieve this professional kitchen look. You could make lines of steel counters and also add a little refrigerator section with different cooler boxes and fresh veggies.

The kitchen will be manned by two chefs.

Then, you could add a few touches like a chopping board or cooking utensils, as well as other food items. Don’t forget to add some pans to the stoves - and customize them too to change the food displayed in them!

After you exit decorating mode, you could also turn on the gas stoves so it looks like the food is being cooked, and you could also add the steamshine polishing effect!

(1 of 2) You’ll want to add lots of kitchen furniture to give it that restaurant kitchen feel

You’ll want to add lots of kitchen furniture to give it that restaurant kitchen feel (left), and don’t forget to steam up your food to make it look hot! (right)

Dining Hall Required Items

In the Dining Hall, you need x1 Cash Register, x1 Table and x4 Chairs. We’d recommend increasing the size of this room so you can add more tables and chairs to make it feel like a real restaurant.

Dining Hall Ideas

In the catalogue, you’ll find a fair few different table and chair styles. You’ll find the diner collection and a couple of imperial furniture items, as well as a few other different things. There are a lot of different Restaurant themes to choose from here - from East Asian inspired with the Imperial decorations to American diner with retro furniture. There are a lot of wallpaper and flooring options to match the theme you may want to go for. And, in addition you could also match the food with the decoration - there’s a lot of different types of food on offer! Adding food to the tables will really make it feel like a restaurant.

(1 of 2) The round covered table is a great choice

The round covered table is a great choice (left), because it has lots of different color options due to its two covers! (right)

In addition to adding the tables and chairs, you may also want to create a nice area for your front-of-house staff. We added a counter so there was space for a register and a few little decorations behind it.

Don’t forget to add lighting fixtures and wall decorations as well as any rugs that may take your fancy! The finishing touches are equally as important to making a good restaurant! Don’t forget to add the steamshine polishing effect to the food to make it look extra hot and tasty!

Don’t forget to steamshine the food!

Staffing your Restaurant

After you’re done decorating, you’ll need to speak to Lottie to assign work staff. This time round you’ll have a fair few work positions to allocate. You have a Chef, an Apprentice Chef, a Cashier and an Employee. The chef and the apprentice will always remain in the kitchen, whilst the cashier will stay near the cash register and the employee will wait on tables.

There are four total restaurant staff to hire!

When you’ve chosen the employees and their respective uniforms, you’ll be able to witness the restaurant with lots of customers. If you’ve put food at tables, the customers will pull out a knife and fork to eat it - very cute!

The customers are ready to eat!

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