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The Opening of Nook's Cranny

Seren Morgan-Roberts

The Grand Opening of Nook’s Cranny

After helping Timmy with gathering materials and picking a spot for the new shop yesterday, Nook’s Cranny is open and ready for business!

Nook’s Announcement

When you begin your day, Nook will announce the opening of the shop. He will also tell you that you can celebrate the opening with a special celebration. To participate in the celebration, talk to Nook in Resident Services. You can ask to hold a ceremony for Nook’s Cranny.

All the island residents will gather to celebrate the opening of Nook's Cranny.

Visiting Nook’s Cranny

After witnessing the ceremony, head over to Nook’s Cranny to check out their new stock! When you enter the shop, you will overhear a conversation between Timmy and Tommy and Mabel the blue hedgehog. She is a clothing supplier and offers to come over to the island every so often to sell clothes to the island residents.

Mabel will bring clothes and wares to the island!

The shop offers lots of new furniture items that cannot be made using DIY recipes, and this stock will change everyday! On top of this, Timmy and Tommy now supply flooring and wallpaper so that you can change up the look of your house. In the cabinet on the backwall, you can buy flower seeds, saplings, tools and DIY recipes.

The twins will supply new items everyday.

You can now decorate your island and home with more furniture now that Nook’s Cranny is open for business!

New Services

There are three new services available once Nook’s Cranny has opened.

  • Turnips - Firstly, you’ll now be able to sell turnips. The turnip prices will change from morning to evening everyday, and it acts similarly to a Stock Market. You will buy turnips on a Sunday morning for a certain price, then you will have one week to sell the turnips. Your aim is to make the most profit possible, so you want to keep an eye out for when Timmy and Tommy are offering high prices for turnips (higher than you bought them for).

  • The Hot Item of the Day - Each day there will be an offer to sell an item for double its price! It will be something you can DIY craft, so keep an eye out for things that you can make and sell for extra bells!

  • Drop-Off Box - You can now drop off anything you want to sell to the twins in the drop off box located outside the store. The shop closes at 10pm so the box is good for the nocturnal players who still want to sell things at night. You will only get 80% of the original selling price of the items though, and you can’t sell turnips through the box.

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