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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Seren Morgan-Roberts

How to Fish

To fish, you will first need a fishing rod. You will obtain a fishing rod DIY recipe from Nook upon completing his DIY Workshop. You can make the most basic fishing rod using five tree branches. Whilst this version does break very easily, tree branches are an infinite material so you won’t have too much trouble making new ones when it breaks.

Firstly, head over to a body of water. This can be a pond, lake, river, estuary or the sea. You want to be keeping an eye out for a fish-shaped shadow in the water. They can come in many shapes and sizes. The type of fish you can catch are dependent on the time of year. Some fish are available all year round, but most are seasonal and will only be around certain months of the year. There are also some fish that are only available during certain hours of the day. There are night-time fish and day-time fish, and then fish with only a small window of time each day.

This is a smaller fish shadow in comparison to some of the really big fish that you can catch!

Once you’ve found a fish shadow, you can cast your line into the sea by pressing A. It might take you a few goes to adjust your positioning so that the bait/fly is in the right spot to attract the fish. Usually the fish will notice the fly when it is directly in front of it. Some fish are harder to attract than others. Once the fish has noticed your fly, it will start to poke it. You don’t want to reel in your line until the fish grabs the fly; this is represented by a splash and a distinctive sploosh noise. This will typically happen after the fish has poked the fly a couple times, but again, this varies fish by fish. Once the distinctive splash has occured, you’ll have a short time frame, maybe a second or two depending on the fish, to reel in the fish. To reel in the fish, press A. The larger the fish, the longer the reeling-in animation.

There are many different types of fish to catch.

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