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Upgrading Your House

Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page offers information on all of the house upgrades and the cost of each mortgage loan.

House Upgrades List

This list shows how much each house upgrade costs and how much you need to pay off before you can upgrade your house again. Whenever you pay off a loan, you’ll be able to upgrade your house, but to do so you’ll need to speak to Tom Nook about your home.

House Upgrade Cost
Tent 5,000 Nook Miles
House 98,000 Bells
Larger Front Room 198,000 Bells
Back Room Addition 348,000 Bells
Left Room Addition 548,000 Bells
Right Room Addition 758,000 Bells
Upstairs Room 1,248,000 Bells
Basement Level 2,498,000 Bells

The total you'll pay back to Nook is 5,696,000 Bells. That's a lot of bellls…

House Storage Upgrades

With the housing upgrades, you’ll also get storage upgrades.

House Upgrade Storage Size
House 80 Storage Slots
Larger House 120 Storage Slots (+40)
Back Room Addition 240 Storage Slots (+120)
Left Room Addition 360 Storage Slots (+120)
Right Room Addition 400 Storage Slots (+40)
Upstairs Room 800 Storage Slots (+400)
Basement Level 1,600 (+800)

Upgrading your house increases your storage size.

House Exterior Upgrades

When you pay off your left room loan (548,000 Bells), you’ll be able to customize your roof and mailbox. When you pay off your right room loan (548,000 Bells), you’ll unlock door customization. And then when you pay off your upstairs room (1,248,000 Bells) you’ll be able to customize the sliding (walls) of your house.

To unlock all of the housing exterior options, you’ll need to pay off loans of your upstairs room, which means you’ll need to spend 3,100,000 Bells. You’ll be able to change your roofing, sliding, mailbox and door type. Each option will also have lots of different colors. Changing your home’s appearance will cost 5,000 Bells but if you pay off all loans then you’ll be able to change your house for free once per day.

There are lots of different options to help create the perfect home for your island.


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