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How to Unlock Roommates

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on how to unlock Roommates and house-sharing in the Happy Home Paradise DLC. This page will also offer some tips about how to remodel and redesign a vacation home to accommodate two people and two different styles.

If you haven’t started the DLC, check out our guide on how to begin Happy Home Paradise.

It's time for roommates!

Roommates in Happy Home Paradise

To unlock roommates in Happy Home Paradise, you’ll need to design 16 Vacation Homes. Once you have finished the 16th, you’ll be interrupted by one of your early clients whilst speaking to Lottie. They’ll ask you to find them a roommate!

One of your early clients will come into the office asking for a roommate!

Finding Roommates

Once you’ve spoken to the client, you’ll be tasked with going on the search for a roommate. Niko suggests looking in the Café and the Restaurant for any potential roommates. So, head into whichever you like and get looking! Now, from what we can tell roommates won’t ever reject each other, so whomever you pick will always work out. However, if you want to make it easier to remodel the existing home, you may want to find someone who you think will have a similar aesthetic.

Head into your restaurant or café in search for a roommate.

For example, Tasha was our client who asked for a roommate, and her vacation home is called ‘An Orange Space’ and is very orange. So, we scouted out the restaurant and café looking for someone who would fit the orange aesthetic. We landed on Victoria, an Orange horse who wears yellow clothing. After you ask the chosen villager, you’ll have to witness a brief cutscene where the two roommates choose to live together, then you’ll be whisked to the existing vacation home.

Pick someone who you think would be a great fit.

Designing a House-Share

Now, unless you’ve revisited your earlier clients’ vacation homes to remodel them, chances are their houses are still small. To accommodate an extra roommate, you’ll probably want to increase the room size and also add partition walls for extra privacy!

(1 of 2) This was Tasha's vacation home prior to having a roommate

This was Tasha's vacation home prior to having a roommate (left), during the remodel we increased the size and added a partition wall to make two separate bedrooms. (right)

So when designing a house share, you won’t have any required furniture but in the Order Tab you’ll find some furniture that the new roommate will like! If they have a flashing red dot in the top left corner, then it’s a recommended item that will fit the second client’s style!

If you’re struggling to fit the new client’s furniture style into the original client’s home, remember that color customization is an option! And if you just want their areas to be entirely separate you can use partition walls to split the room in half.

After you’ve completed your first home-share, you’ll be told by Lottie that you can visit any previous client’s vacation home and ask them if they’d like a roommate. Then you can go through the process of finding them a roommate at one of the facilities.

You could go for something more divided so that they both have their own living space.

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