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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Paying Off Your 1st Loan

Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page will show you step-by-step how to pay off your first debt to Tom Nook on your first day! By completing lots of different achievements to earn Nook Miles, you can move straight out of your tent and into your first little house.

Earning 5,000 Nook Miles in One Day

It is possible to earn 5,000 Nook Miles in one day, and it won’t actually be too difficult. This means you can pay off your bill to Nook straight away!

You can earn Nook Miles easily in your first few days, as there will be lots of new things to try out that will reward you with Nook Miles. Catching Bugs and Fish, as well as selling weeds will help you reach the 5,000 Miles mark.

You’ll already have unlocked some Miles just from talking to Nook. Open up the Nook Miles app on your Nookphone and you can claim 500 Miles for the [Town’s Name] Miles award.
Complete the achievements below and you’ll earn 5,000 miles in no time!

Achievement Requirements Miles Earned
Nookphone Life Use your Nookphone 300
Angling For Perfection Catch 10 Fish! 300
Island Ichthyologist Catch 10 different Fish species. 300
You’ve Got the Bug Catch 10 Bugs! 300
Bugs Don’t Bug Me Catch 10 different Bug species. 300

Catching bugs earns you miles!

Achievement Requirements Miles Earned
Have a Nice DIY Learn 10 DIYs. 300
Trashed Tools Trash 1 Tool. 300
DIY Tools Craft 5 Tools 300
Bulletin-Board Benefit Write a post on the bulletin-board. 300
Island Shutterbug Take a photo! 300

You can write anything on your bulletin-board.

Achievement Requirements Miles Earned
DIY Tools Craft 5 Tools. 300
Greedy Weeder Sell 50 Weeds. 300
Go Ahead! Be Shellfish! Sell 10 Seashells. 300
First-Time Buyer Buy something. 300
Seller of Unwanted Stuff Sell something. 300
Flower Power Plant 10 Flowers. 300

(1 of 2) Plant flowers by buying seeds from Timmy

Plant flowers by buying seeds from Timmy (left), plant ten to unlock Miles! (right)

This is a guideline on some of the easiest ways to earn Nook Miles, but you will find that just by completing different tasks, you’ll unlock achievements all the time (when you first start playing). There are plenty of other ways to unlock the required miles, but these are just examples of some of the early game achievements.

Paying Off Your Debt

Once you have 5,000 miles, head over to Tom Nook in the Residential Services facility, and talk to him about your moving fees. You can then confirm that you’re ready to pay off your debt. He will then offer to upgrade your tent to a more permanent residency if you would prefer.

It feels good to be debt free!

Upgrading your Home

After you’ve paid off your moving debt, you can speak to Nook again to discuss upgrading your home. Upgrading your tent to a house will cost you 98,000 Bells. Luckily for you, Nook gives you as much time as you need to pay of your debt, and it’s interest free!

Nook will also give you the opportunity to customize the color of your roof. You get to choose from a variety of bright colors, or you can pick something more traditional.

Upgrading your house means you also get an automatic Nook Mileage Program upgrade! The Nook Miles+ means you have daily tasks that will earn you Nook Miles, which means you don’t always have to be completing achievements. The tasks will include things like catching a few bugs or planting a tree! They’re an easy way to earn miles.

Your house renovation will be finished by the following day!

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