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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Visiting Another Island

Seren Morgan-Roberts


This page is a guide on how to visit other players’ islands.

I Wanna Fly!

To begin the process of visiting another island, head over to Orville at the reception desk in your Airport, then select the option I wanna fly. Next you’ll have to select the option I wanna visit someone.

At this stage, you’ll then have the option to play using local play or online play.

Choose the I wanna fly option to visit other islands!

Local Play

If you choose local play, then Orville will switch off your internet. Once this option has been chosen, you can confirm you want to search for the island of a local player. This means anyone in close proximity to you who has also decided to use local play to open their airport. Typically, you need to be in the same room, if not, then the same building, as the other player for local play to work as it does not use Wi-Fi.

Online Play

Most players will use Online player to visit their friends’ islands. You can either choose to look for open airports for your friends’ islands, or you can type in a Dodo Code™.

  • Friends - When you choose to look for a friend’s island, this means you want to visit someone who is your Switch friend. To be switch friends, you need to exchange friend codes, which can be found on your Switch account profile.

  • Dodo Code™ - To enter another player’s island using the Dodo Code option, you must first be given a valid Dodo Code by the host. If you’re a friend, then the player can specify that the code only works for friends. If you’re a stranger then the host can also specify that anyone can use the code.

Animal Crossing Etiquette

When using the Dodo Code to visit another player (who isn’t your friend) who is perhaps hosting turnip sellers or a cataloging event, then there are some etiquette rules you should follow to be a respectful AC player:

  • Don’t Give Out the Dodo Code to Other People - The Dodo code exists to allow the host to allow strangers onto their island, but also control who they give the code to. If you give the code to one of your friends, then you are breaking the trust of the host, and it’s just disrespectful. You should always ask permission to share someone else’s code.

  • Never “Leave Quietly” - Leaving quietly means to leave via the - button. This is a buggy feature and can cause the host to lose recently traded items (for example, tips left for hosting) and can also occasionally cause temporary game crashes. You should always leave another player’s island via the airport, by speaking to Orville.

  • Don’t Linger! - Typically, if you’re at a stranger’s island, it’ll be because your exchanging goods or using their shop to buy/sell items. If this is the case, then the Host is likely opening their gates to lots of strangers, and you will be holding up a queue if you hang around longer than you need to. Once you’ve done what you went to their island for, you should leave swiftly. Don’t linger to go fishing, speak to villagers or have a wander around. And if you do want to, then always ask permission of the host.

  • Respect their Island! - There’s nothing worse than hosting your island to strangers and then finding they’ve trampled or picked your flowers and stolen your fruit! Be respectful of others and don’t steal or ruin their island.

Playing with others is one of the main attractions of Animal Crossing.

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