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Diablo IV

How to Find and Defeat Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4

Nathan Garvin

Treasure Goblins return in Diablo IV, and these scheming, slinking sneaks have only one goal - to escape to their mysterious realm with their purloined prizes. This page will cover how to find and defeat Treasure Goblins, and the rewards you gain for doing so.

What Are Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4?

More of a mix between events and elite monsters, "Treasure Goblin" iconTreasure Goblins randomly spawn throughout the game, often irrespective of other events and monsters that may be nearby. Unlike normal monsters, Treasure Goblins do not fight back, instead their only goal is to escape with their sacks of treasure. Fittingly, they’re relatively sturdy foes, but they won’t rely on their durability alone, running amok when a threat has appeared. If their flight brings them near other enemies or obstacles, all the better, as it’ll hinder their tormentors and gives them more opportunity to escape.

If left unmolested, they’ll try to prematurely conjure portals through which they’ll escape, but if you take too long to bring them down, they’ll decide to gamble their security on summoning a portal regardless of how much pressure they’re under. If they make it through the portal they summon, they’ll abscond back into their own realm, safe from pursuit, but if you can deplete their life bar before they can escape they’ll drop the contents of their treasure sacks. This often includes piles of gold and several magical items, but the quality of their drops does, of course, scale with level, and with luck you may score some rare, legendary or set items instead of magical ones. As Treasure Goblins flee they’ll also drop piles of gold and the odd magical item, too, and in the former case the trail of gold they leave in their wake can help you locate them should they give you the slip.

(1 of 2) Focus your attention on !Treasure Goblins - they’re basically walking chests with a DPS check.

Focus your attention on !Treasure Goblins - they’re basically walking chests with a DPS check. (left), If you manage to bring them down before they flee, they’ll drop several magical items (or rarer) and piles of gold. (right)

How to Kill Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4

Treasure Goblins have no special defenses, aside from being durable and fleeing. Functionally, they’re little more than mobile chest with a damage requirement to open. Sometimes you’ll just have bad luck, and other enemies, events and obstacles will be near the 1Treasure Goblin and delay your pursuit or soak up your damage. In those cases, there’s not much you can do, and it’s arguably not worth putting yourself in unreasonable peril trying to chase them down.

Since their primary goal is to flee, control effects like chill and freezing are both fairly effective at buying you some time - anything that immobilizes them is a boon. Other than that, you’re looking to deal as much single-target damage as possible, and each class has their own skills that excel at this. Dispense with the AoEs and do whatever you can to proc damage boosting effects - treating Treasure Goblins like the punish phase of a boss fight is a good idea if they’re isolated enough for you to get such a clear shot.

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