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Pyromancer Leveling Guide

Craig Robinson

The Pyromancer is the class that specializes in flames, blessing their rounds and skills with a mixture of fire, lava and ash effects. As you start playing the class you will only have access to a few skills, which you will familiarize yourself with before unlocking more skills. For those who are starting to level a new Pyromancer, then this Pyromancer leveling guide will help you with your journey.

Outriders Pyromancer Leveling Builds

This guide presumes that you are leveling your pyromancer from level one in the main story. If you are looking to level up from the Worldslayer level 30 boost, you can click here to skip to the Worldslayer section.

When you start at level 1, you only have access to one skill, which is ignite. You will gradually unlock the skills, which you can find below:

  • Level 1 - Heatwave
  • Level 3 - Feed the Flames
  • Level 4 - Thermal Bomb
  • Level 6 - Overheat
  • Level 9 - Volcanic Rounds
  • Level 13 - Ash Blast
  • Level 17 - F.A.S.E.R Beam
  • Level 22 - Eruption

Ideally, you should use your first three skills as normal. Upon reaching level 6, you want to swap out the Thermal Bomb for Overheat. Overheat has a lot of synergy with Heatwave, as Heatwave applies to burn to all enemies hit with the wave, while Overheat then detonates the burn on enemies to deal damage. This will be your core rotation at level 6.

At level 9, you can potentially swap out Heatwave for Volcanic Rounds, depending on whether you prefer an anomaly build vs a firepower build. This is where you can begin to specialize the gear you want to wear along with the ideal weapons and mods to support your leveling.

Also, feel free to alter your Apocalypse tier while leveling as necessary. The further the Apocalypse tier progresses, the more likely find you’ll struggle at first. There’s no shame in droppping the tier down while you learn the class, as the Worldslayer endgame is all about grinding through the Apocalypse tiers.

Pyromancer Anomaly Leveling Build

The core of the Pyromancer Anomaly build is to use skills that apply burn and ash to then detonate with Overheat for burst damage. Ideally, you will use Heatwave, alongside Overheat. You can use Ash Blast later on if you get the T3 mod that allows your Overheat to consume both ash and burn effects on targets. If not, then you will want to add F.A.S.E.R Beam as your final skill at level 17.

The Heatwave, Ash Blast, and Overheat combo works well when you have the mods.

F.A.S.E.R Beam is a great skill, with the highest skill damage of any Pyromancer skill. It is a powerful single-target skill, which can also hit multiple enemies caught in its path or near the intended target. F.A.S.E.R Beam applies burn too, which is useful for your Overheat. In addition, F.A.S.E.R Beam makes it much easier to kill any bosses you are struggling with if you are playing with your natural Apocalypse tier.

Also, try to prioritize gear with Anomaly Power. This will make your status effects, skill damage, and melee attacks much stronger, allowing you to do even more damage with your skills. You also want gear with decent ammo size so you can handle a variety of situations like a double gun or an assault rifle, and perhaps a shotgun or an SMG when the surviving enemies get close to you. You can get fire or ash ammo mods on your guns to help enhance your overheat if you so wish, but it’s not necessary.

Mod Description
Master Consumer Overheat consumes both Ash and Burn status effects and increases the damage by 150% if both are consumed.
Detonator Overheat’s cooldown reduced by 50%.
Phoenix Force Earn additional Anomaly Power per status consumed by Overheat for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
Tidal Wave Heatwave can be activated one more time before going on cooldown.
Hellfire If the skill damages 3 enemies, all subsequent enemies will receive an additional 25% anomaly damage.
Burnt-out If the skill damages 3 enemies, all subsequent enemies will receive an additional 25% anomaly damage.

Pyromancer Firepower Leveling Build

The strength of the Pyromancer Firepower build is that all your damage will come from your guns and landing headshots. This make for a much more reliable leveling build, especially while you don’t have much cooldown reduction to support your skills from doing the damage for you. It also comes in handy when there’s lots of hard hitting enemies at range that your skiills wont reach.

This is an example of when firepower builds feel much better.

The core of the Firepower Pyromancer leveling build uses Volcanic Rounds, adds extra damage to your rounds and applies burn to enemies hit, and activate Overheat to detonate the burn. It allows the Pyromancer to dish out damage at close and long-range while applying burn for your overheat detonation. You can also reapply the burns to your enemies after the explosion with the remaining Volcanic Rounds.

We recommend using LMGS or a Double Gun for the build, as these weapons tend to have anywhere between 52 - 150 rounds of ammo per magazine. The extent of the ammo capacity depends on the type of Double Gun or LMG the wielder poses. So feel free to mix and match to your preferences. You can also use an Assault Rifle for more reliable accuracy when using the Volcanic Rounds to hit the weak spots of enemy bosses, or maybe even a shotgun to spread your volcanic rounds in close-range packs of enemies reliably.

In terms of mods, you should be on the look out for are:

Mod Description
Armor Melting Decreases the target’s armor by 30% for ten seconds.
Extra Mag Volcanic Rounds gains an additional magazine before going on cooldown.
Lava Shots Increase your Firepower by 25% while the skill is active.
Phoenix Force Earn an additional Anomaly Power per status consumed by the Overheat for eight seconds. Stacks up to ten times.
Third Degree Increases weapon damage against enemies damage by Overheat by 30% for 5 seconds.

Pyromancer Worldslayer leveling build

If you’ve boosted to level 30 then you will have access to all of your skills. However, the Worldslayer levelling is much more difficult than the base game levelling. The campaign has much more elite enemies, so we recommend adjusting your build slightly.

There are plenty of bosses to fight while leveling through the Worldslayer campaign.

Ideally, you will have the Captain Hunter modification, which increases your damage against elite enemies. You will encounter plenty of enemies throughout most missions of elite status, with two elite enemies in the first two missions in fact. You’ll also fight more bosses in the mid and late part of the campaign, culminating in a final boss of the campaign. You can also take other elite-based mods like Power Assimilation for Anomaly Power builds, along with Not Impressed if you need some more survivability.

It’s also worth mentioning that you get at least two legendaries through the campaign, which drop from a mid-campaign elite enemy boss and the campaign’s final boss. If you’re feeling lucky, we recommend being in the highest Apocalypse tier you have unlocked for the fight and trying to get the best possible legendary. The above mod suggestions should make it more achievable.

If you don’t have access to the mods, you should lower the difficulty slightly and follow the firepower or anomaly build as outlined during the 1-30 leveling process.

Also, you get access to the new PAX class talents and the the new Ascension points feature. These talents will improe your build, granting all new ways to play the class. If you’re playing a firepower buil. you’ll find the Gunblazer PAX tree appropriate for your build. While AP playes while enjoy the Pyromaniac tree.


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