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Outriders Worldslayer

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Outriders Worldslayer Tier List

Craig Robinson

The Outriders Worldslayer expansion has arrived, and players are getting deep into the Tarya Gratar end game and exploring other features. Now that the honeymoon period is over and the dust is settling on the expansion, it appears we are finally figuring out what the best classes are in Outriders Worldslayer. To explain the situation, we have made an Outriders Tier List focusing on the Worldslayer expansion and features to measure how strong the best classes are by measuring several factors.

Image via Square Enix.

Outriders Worldslayer Tier List

We will rank the classes in Outriders Worldslayer by examining three metrics: map clear speed, boss killing potential, and survivability. These three metrics are great as they help to engage with how certain classes and their best-performing builds behave. Note that all classes have class trees to increase their Firepower, defensiveness and Anomaly Power, meaning that all classes have access to a variety of playstyles. However, the legendary sets make certain class builds better, so we have to measure it from that perspective of most valuable legendary sets, mods and guns for each class’ build options. Below you’ll find a table on how we rank each of the classes for the metrics they are scored on.

Tier Map clear speeds Elite and boss damage Defensiveness
S Tier Pyromancer Devastator, Trickster Devastator
A Tier Devastator Technomancer Technomancer
B Tier Technomancer, Trickster Pyromancer Pyromancer, Trickster

Best Classes in Outriders Worldslayer

As you can see, the table separates classes into different fields. These fields help to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the meta builds relating to each of the classes. Some builds are really desirable for each of the classes for a variety of reasons. Below is an explanation of the effectiveness of each class.

Best Class in Outriders Worldslayer - The Devastator

Image via Square Enix.

In summary, the Devastator has a variety of Anomaly Power builds thanks to the new PAX tree, allowing its Seismic skills to inflict bleeds and the addition of skill damage generating shields. This makes an Anomaly-Power-focused Devastator build incredibly strong and incredible tanky. Furthermore, you can get mods for both Earthquake and Impale that grant up to three and two stacks before the skill goes on cooldown. Combine it with the stored damage PAX tree skill, and this build does incredible boss damage too.

Don’t forget to take extra mods that increase Anomaly Power, alongside buffing the skill’s damaging effects to get the most out of the shielding and the big damage your skills can do.

it is worth mentioning that the Devastator can have solid movement speed, too, taking Boulderdash or Gravity Leap in the build. Though these builds seem not as strong as the Seismic Commander legendary set when used with Earthquake / Impale, though, they still offer great Anomaly Power and defensive power thanks to its incredibly strong Tectonic PAX tree.

The second-best class in Outriders - The Technomancer

Image via Square Enix.

In our eyes, the Technomancer is the second-best class in Outriders Worldslayer. The reason why is thanks to the variety of builds available to the Technomancer. There is the turret / freeze build and the Tools of Destruction build. Both builds are very similar to each other, and rely on the Techmonger legendary armor set which empowers your turrets. For either build, you take the buffed Cryo Turrets and Blight turret mods, placing multiple turrets at the same time. Combine this with Anomaly Power mods, your skills will deal more damage, and your status effects become much stronger too. You also want weapons with Status Power as that improves your skill damage, along with enhace the statuses you apply trough weapons and skills. This is great as they work well for both single-target boss killing and improving map clear speeds, as your turrets can be used to target multiple enemies simultaneously or all focus on a boss. The builds tend to be really safe and defensive too and your turrets will heal you constantly. Overall, they are both very versatile buuiilds.

You can also go the Borealis Monarch set which increases firepower against frozen enemies. If you want to play a slightly different version of the Technomancer this is a worthy pivot. This build typically has a higher skill and damage ceiling and has some decent AOE damage with the right weapons, but it did get whacked with the nerf hammer heading into Worldlsayer. But it its still good if you’re a fan of the Borealis set / Blighted Rounds playstyle- its just doesnt have the same maximum damage potential has the Trickster’s Twisted Rounds AP build when that gets going.

Moreso, the mods for either build are similar, with ammo conservation or regenerating mods useful. This is through getting rounds back from killing enemies with toxic applied to them This is useful for the primary weapon with Blighted Rounds on it, alongside the Minigun if you so wish.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the turrets help the Technomancer by tanking enemies for it. If you find yourself in an awkward position, move further back and let the turrets get in the way, or maybe try to freeze enemies with the Cryo Turret for added protection. The Technomancer is a glass cannon class and needs it to freeze enemies to keep itself safe. Thankfully cryo skills work well and Cryo turret makes it an important skill for single target, map clearing and defensive capabilities. All in all, The Technomancer is a fairly well-rounded class thanks to the new legendary tier set.

The third-best class - The Heat Seeker Pyromancer

Image via Square Enix.

The Heat Seeker Pyromancer is the third-best class in Outriders, in our opinion. The Pyromancer is by far the best map clearing class in the game thanks to the new Heat Seeker build. The Heat Seeker set creates a new and more interesting way to map clear by spreading Thermbal Bombs. With enough Anomaly Power and the right mods, the Thermal Bombs will spread easily, and the actual explosion will help eliminate even more enemies. This build enables some incredible map clearing speed when you run through Tarya Gratar Skirmish levels and Expeditions for loot and resources.

However, the most meta build for Pyromancer currently means there’s a distinct lack of single target damage. The Pyromancer now relies heavily on T3 mods like Captain Hunter, Unstable Anomaly and more to enhance their damage against elites and Tarya Gratar bosses. Until your build is min-maxed, the solution is to run an item slot that buffs your F.A.S.E.R Beam for when you need to fight elites or other tankier enemies. Alternatively, there’s the more well rounded build, the Eruption build that you can opt for to make teh expereince much smoother.

In addition, the Pyromancer is a glass cannon class, and can take a lot of damage. You will need to hope to get Fortress mod on your weapons, alongside Mage Slayer, to increase your damage further. You may also need a defensive mod while you wait to till your build is properly kitted with its peak damage potential. Overall, the Pyro is a decent class, but it’s strong in one thing and weak in other areas. One could say that makes it balanced, and it may be ideal for partying up with players who can offset the class’ weakness.

The Trickster

Image via Square Enix.

The Trickster has always been the class that performs incredibly well under the right circumstances. Heading into Worldslayer, it seems the same is once again said. The Trickster has quite a few builds available for progression, such as a general Firepower build, making it a slow yet viable map clearer and solid against boss killing with the new legendary sets introduced in Worldslayer. There is also the AP coversion into Firepower build, which has an incredibly high skill ceiling, but its hard to pull off.

Ideally, a Firepower build now relies on the Terminal Velocity set, which boosts weapon damage by 60% for a few seconds and gradually decays. This activates whenever you perform a run, roll, or use Borrowed Time. Combine it with the movement skill weapon buffs in your skill tree and the other mods, and the Magazine skill and you can gain plenty of Firepower buffs and shred enemies. It is also a perfect build for shotguns users, especially now assault weapons belong in the AP Twisted Rounds build.

Once you get better items, you can switch to the Shieldblaster armor set, which grants more Anomaly Power based on your shield percentage. It means you get a tankier Anomaly Power build that boosts AP, and with the right mods, gain even more by running Anomaly Power buffs. Think of it as if its the old meta Pyromancer Anomaly-Volcanic Rounds build from New Horizon. However, this is a best-case scenario build that relies on key mod’s like Anomaly Enhancement on weapons and the Hunt The Prey mod that refreshes your magazine, which you use with the Twisted Rounds to keep its damage boost going. It also benefits from the mixed Anomaly and firepwoer boosts from the Trickster PAX tree for assault weapons. You will then swap out Borrowed time, which is a reliable shield generator and in favour of a Deception skill like TIme Rift or Knife for AP and FP buffs, do multi-target damage, and improve your map clear speeds now that you run Anomaly Power.

Overall, the Trickster is fairly average, with decent boss-killing strengths, average map clearing speeds, and weak defensiveness. But, rest assured, the perfect gear set-up eventually propels it to new heights. It just takes even longer than the Pyromancer to get there. Hence why we think it’s at the bottom of the Outriders Tier List, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s a bad class, as no class in the game is bad. In fact, once when it gets there, this class is certainly one of the best boss killers in the game.

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