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Best Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build

Craig Robinson

Outriders Worldslayer has introduced quite a few new legendary sets, with each class getting two new sets. The interesting thing about the Pyromancer is that the class has a fresh, really powerful set called the Heat Seeker legendary set, which focuses on spreading the Thermal Bomb skill. Here is everything you need to know to utilize the new Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer build properly.

Best Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer Build - The Heat Seeker

The Heat Seeker legendary set is a new Worldslayers set that makes your Thermal Bomb skills spread to nearby enemies after detonation. When used well with Anomaly Power builds, you can then proceed to clear maps incredibly effectively. We hope you like the sound of popcorn, as you’ll be hearing popping for as long as you use the Heat Seeker set from Worldslayer.

You’ll find that this new set now offers the Pyromancer even better map clearing speed. Perhaps it is the best Outriders Pyromancer build made for clearing maps. However, it does come with a significant disadvantage. The build does lack in single target damage, and will rely on mods and perhaps even a spare legendary set and skill switch to perform against bosses. Keep it in mind as following this build has clear strengths yet has a weakness.

Outriders Heat Seeker Pyromancer skills

The three skills we recommend using for your Heat Seeker Pyromancer build are

Skill Icon Basic description
Thermal Bomb Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Place a Thermal Bomb inside an enemy, applying burn. If the target is killed while Thermal Bomb is active, then it will detonate, dealing damage to enearby enemies.
Overheat Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deal damage to enemies on the map. It deals bonus damage if it consumes burn on a target.
Ash Blast Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Turns nearby enemies into Ash, applying the ash debuff and temporarily stuns enemies, and very briefly for elite enemies.
F.A.S.E.R Beam (optional) Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Charge the skill for over a second and then launch a long range beam. Enemies hit are struck with large anomaly damage, and are marked with Burn.

Most of the Heat Seeker set’s mods contain mods for Thermal Bomb and Overheat. Meanwhile, the Heat Seeker set means your Thermal Bomb spreads three times, with each spread dealing 33% less damage than the original.

Spreading Thermal Bombs also apply burns to your enemies who get the Thermal Bomb debuff Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot. It means that you can add more burst damage with the Overheat skill, which should help spread the Thermal Bomb by killing its current holder.

Lastly, Ash Blast is a useful skill for several reasons. The first is for some defensive utility, freezing enemies about to close in, buying you some time if you get swarmed somehow. The other thing is the skill works well with Overheat, especially if you have the tier 3 mod from the Acari boots, allowing you to consume AshOutriders Worldslayer Screenshot and Burn Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot effects from targets for a 150% damage boost to your Overheat. It is also a useful skill for marking nearby enemies, which is good for the Pyromancer.

Your ideal rotation should be to use Ash Blast first to mark enemies, then spread the Living bomb to two targets, before detonating the Overheat. This allows your Ash Blast to mark as many nearby enemies as possible, while Thermal Bomb can hit two targets, read to hit a deadly combo of ash and burn to Overheat. The mobs should then die, spreading the Thermal Bomb to more enemies ready for you to use the second charge of Overheat. Please see the [rmor mods section to properly understand how this build works correctly further down the page.

Class Tree

This is an example of a build you can run with the Heat Seeker playstyle.

The interesting thing about the Heat Seeker Pyromancer build is that it has various ways to play it. The build we are currently trialling has taken a few more cooldown reduction, allowing us to get a significantly reduced cooldown for Ash Blast.

If you find your gear and build already has relatively low cooldowns, then you can instead opt for other class tree talents of your preference. This may include the Phoenix revive in case you’re still learning to progress or lack defensiveness. Or, if you’re more comfortable, then you can opt for the additional firepower talents around the weapon damage mod. It all depends on your preference.

PAX Tree

This is the most cookie-cutter version of the PAX tree for this build.

The Outriders Pyromancer Heat Seeker PAX talents are slightly different again. There are three options you can use. All trees will use the four same PAX talents in the Pyromaniac tree, with the fifth interchangeable depending on your needs. The four absolutely necessary PAX talents are Melting Point, Master Exploder, Convection, and Backdraft.

You can place your fifth in the explosive damage buff if you like using the double Thermal Bomb and Overheat mods. On the other hand, if you need more cooldowns, then you can opt for the 15% cooldown buff in the middle tree.

The final version of the build is to place your 5th PAX point in the first node in Gun Blazer, titled Coming In Hot, as it offers bonus damage to enemies above 80% HP and more damage bonus to enemies below 30% HP. This build is the most coockie cutter, as it grants additional damage to both your map clearing speeds with Thermal Bomb bonus damage and extra opening and execute damage on bosses.

Ascension Points

The Ascension Points you want to use once again depend on your needs. You will want to use the cooldown reduction as it grants around a 5% cooldown reduction for a full ten ascension point investment. You will also want to completely upgrade your anomaly tree and benefit from the flat anomaly power buffs, the skill damage, skill life leech and other anomaly power benefits. If you’re really struggling, you can gain additional defensiveness, such as the bonus health and armor.

Naturally, you will invest your points in all these areas. It’s just a matter of prioritizing the needs for your build as you will not hit peak build immediately. This is all thanks to the new third mod slot and repeatedly rerolling your legendaries to get ideal third slot mods to complete the build.

Weapons and mods

The Charred Lance is useful for helping improve your single target playstyle.

The Outriders Heat Seeker Pyromancer build has quite a few options for legendary weapons with this build.

Weapon Icon Description
Charred Lance Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot The Carred Lance is as perfect weapon for the build, as it comes with a mod called Death Ray. Death Ray does much more damage than your weapon will and consumes no ammo. Death Ray is a great addition as this build lacks decent single target damage, which the Death Ray makes up for. It also has the Resistance Breaker mod, which helps reduce the target’s resistance by 35%, once again aiding your skill damage.
Thunderclap Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot The Thunderclap is a fantastic weapon for some close-range damage. The Thunderclap automatic shotgun comes with the Nikola’s Revenge mod, which links five enemies within an eight-meter radius, dealing damage over two seconds while the initial target remains alive. We then modded the in Strings of Gauss for an additional five enemy 10-meter radius attack to make it a strong weapon when it comes to close range and cleave damage. This makes a great weapon for extra cleave damage and perfect for fighting multiple elites at once in places like Tarya Gratars loot target levels.
Shelrog’s Exceresence Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Shelrog’s has the T3 mod for burning rounds, which is a nice addition to keeping burn status on your enemies for your skill leech and Overheat skill usage.
Funeral Pyre Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Funeral Pyre is also a solid shotgun that deals additional cleave damage with the Shadow Comet mod and lowers target resistance via Resistance Breaker, which is handy for your skill damage on both mobs and boss enemies. Although, anything with decent AOE damage and or burn round mods are good if you’re playing a new Pyromancer and need something to bridge the gap till you get the ideal legendaries.!
Roaring Umbra Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot While the legendary LMG has rather poor mods for the build, it does come with high-status power modification. If you really want to spruce your burn damage, then the Roaring Umbra is an okay option. Just keep in mind that Overheat will consume burn procs.

You will want to get a Fortress Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot third slot mod on your Charred Lance, but it’s all purely luck-based, so don’t worry too much about it. If you have a Fortress weapon, make sure to use it for three seconds to benefit from the bonus damage, as this is an important part of your defensiveness and offensive prowess.

Another solid option is the Mage’s Rage Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot weapon mod. This adds in even more anomaly power bonus damage for landing ciritcal strikes with your weapon. You should try to land crit headshots or weakpoint crits to amplifiy your Mage’s Rage and increase your skill damage.

Armor and mods

The chest piece contains one of the most important mods for this build.

The armor you use for the Heat Seeker build is best served with four Heat Seeker items, with the boots being the Acari boots. The reason why is down to the powerful Thermal Bomb and Overheat buffs you get from the helmet, chest, legs and gloves. If you want to use the F.A.S.E.R Beam skill, we recommend havig the Lava Lich boots spare, and modify it with a second Beam mod.

The Boots of the Acari is a nice addition to the build thanks to granting around 10% cooldown reduction when upgraded, and comes with the Master Consumer mod. As long as you have the mod in your crafting table, you can modify it into an optional item slot if you so desire.

If you opt for the Boots of the Lava Lich, we recommend that you remove the mods like Phoenix Force and Master Consumer from your other armor slots. Losing Ash Blast reduces the significance of these mods dramatically. Instead, you can opt for additional optional mods to help improve the build, or include more F.A.S.E.R Beam mods to improve your boss killing drastically. Oh, it also has max health increase on it that adds to your survivability, which is nice.

There are plenty of mods on the legendary pieces you want to keep, hence why we recommend running the four-piece of the Heat Seeker set. Here is a list of mods we recommend you use from the legendary pieces and those you can hope to rely upon through the third slot RNG and your own crafting table.

Armor mod Icon Description Comment
Branded Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot 30% damage increase to targets marked with Termal Bomb. DPS boost to single target.
Double Fun Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Thermal Bomb can affect two targets. Additional map clear speeds
Firetrap Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Thermal Bombs create an explosion around the target that is already marked or is burning. Overall damage increase in all scenarios.
Master Consumer Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Overheat consumes Burn and Ash. Consuming both grants a 150% damage to the skill. Increases damage throughput of Overheat for a general DPS increase.
Phoenix Force Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Overheat grants bonus Anomaly Power per status consumed. Stacks 10 times. Great addition for map clear speeds and single target DPS improvement.
Thermal Reaction Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Next successful shot after using Thermal Bom deals damage in a 1.5-meter radius. Killing an enemy with this skill grants a 30% Anomaly Power bonus for 3 seconds. Excellent map clearing option and a minor single target DPS improvement.
True Blast Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase Thermal Bomb explosion damage, scaling with level Solid DPS boost to map clear speeds.
Turn up the Heat Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Overheat can be activated twice before going on cooldown. Overall DPS increase

Optional mods:

Armor Icon Description Comment
Ash Increase Range Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase the Ash Blast skill range by 50%. Affect more targets with Ash Blast on a map.
Bullet Kindling Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deals 12% more damage against enemies afflicted by Burn. Decent DPS boost to burning enemies that your Overheat damage benefits from.
Captain Hunter Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase damage to elites by 16%. Huge damage buff to elites and something you ideally want when your legendary gear gets a valuable third slot.
Damage Absorber Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increases armor and resistance. Extre defense helps the glass cannon Pyromancer.
Death Sentence Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Weapon and Anomaly Damage are increased by 40% and 30%, respectively, of targets hit with Ash Blast. Huge DPS boost to map clear and single target damage.
Frequent F.A.S.E.R Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Reduces F.A.S.E.R cooldown by 30% Thanks to Overdraft this skill can go on cooldown and come off cooldown again within a second or two.
Pure Power Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot increase F.A.S.E.R Beam skill damage significantly. General DPS increase.
Size Matters Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase F.A.S.E.R beam size radius by 100% Makes it easier to enemies if you’re slightly off the mnmark and makes it more viable for AOE.
Unstoppable Force Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increases your Anomaly Power by 50% of your Resistance Piercing Pyromancers gain additional resistance piercing in the firepower and anomaly power tree by following the class tree we use. You also get bonus resistance pierce through the Melting Pot perk in the PAX tree which we take. It equates to around 22-37.5% more anomaly power depending on the Melting Pot PAX talent.
Volcanic Armor Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Reduce incoming weapon and anomaly damage by 20% which the skill is active and dffor two second after. Makes you slightly more tanky since the skill locks you in place while it charges.

We recommend continuously prioritizing the Heat Seeker legendary set with some great third mod slot options, containing a mod from the optional or must-have mods list to complete the build. This build will have flaws before you reach the ideal min-max status this build can offer for both single target and map clearing potential it can reach. Once when you get all the desired prioty mods and some better elite damage mods, this build will shine brighter. It just takes a while getting to that spot. When all is said and done, you’ll realize why this is one of the best Outriders Worldslayer Pyromancer builds available.


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