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Trigger Twitch Legendary Armor Set

Ben Chard

Outriders Worldslayer is the new expansion to Outriders that was released on June 30th, 2022. One of the many new features of this expansion are the new Legendary Armor Sets for all of the classes. This page will give you all the details you need to know about the Trigger Twitch Set that can be used by all classes.

The Trigger Twitch set is a new Legendary Armor set in Outriders Worldslayer.

Trigger Twitch’s Legendary Set Bonuses

The Trigger Twitch set is a universal Legendary set at launch for Outriders Worldslayer. In addition to the existing Legendaries, there are now new armor sets that can be worn by all of the Classes. The Trigger Twitch set grants the following bonus when you have three pieces:

  • Spending 50% of total ammo in your current sidearm magazine as critical shots allows you to perform a special attack activated through your Melee skill. The attack deals x damage split up to 5 enemies within a 15 meter radius and scales with Firepower. Receive 50% damage mitigation during the attack.

The Trigger Twitch legendary set is a bit of an odd one. You’ll need to spend half of your total ammo in your Sidearm as critical shots so you can trigger a new special Melee attack. It can hit multiple enemies up to 15 meters and scales with your Firepower but the damage is nowhere near what you can output with your specific Class sets which makes this one an underwhelming choice.

Trigger Twitch’s Mask

Icon Name Slot
TriggerTwitchHead.png Trigger Twitch’s Mask Headgear

This is the Headgear piece for the Trigger Twitch set and comes with the following mods:

  • High Stakes (Tier III) Rolling after 4 successsful shots with your sidearm grants a 100% Critical Chance bonus for 3 seconds.
  • Sidearms Specialist (Tier II): Increases damage dealt with Sidearm weapons by 12%.

As is a trend with the Trigger Twitch set, the High Stakes Tier III mod is for use with your Sidearm. After scoring four shots on targets, roll and you’ll gain a 100% Critical Chance bonus for 3 seconds, this is a great way to force Critical hits on your enemies. Sidearms Specialist is a must have for this Set as it all revolves around Sidearms so increasing their damage is a given.

Trigger Twitch’s Armor

Icon Name Slot
TriggerTwitchBody2.png Trigger Twitch’s Armor Upper Armor

This is the Upper Armor piece for the Trigger Twitch set and comes with the following mods:

Trigger Twitch’s Trousers

Icon Name Slot
TriggerTwitchPants.png Trigger Twitch’s Trousers Lower Armor

This is the Lower Armor piece for the Trigger Twitch set and comes with the following mods:

  • Quick Iron (Tier III): After every 3 critical shots with sidearms you can instantly reload your clip. Bonus is lost upon switching weapons or if the sidearm was reloaded before achieving the bonus.
  • Plate Piercer (Tier II): Increases your Critical Damage by 15%, the bonus is equal to 50% of your Armor Piercing.

The Quick Iron Tier III mod is a useful mod for allowing you to constantly fire away with your sidearm without having to pause to reload. After 3 critical shots, you’ll instantly reload the magazine, but you will lose this bonus if you swap weapons. Provided you’ve been investing in Armor Piercing, Plate Piercer will increase the damage of your Criticals based on that stat.


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