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Legendary and Apocalypse farms

Craig Robinson

Farming legendaries is a core part of the Outrider’s end game, and it hasn’t changed for Worldslayer. The game features all-new legendaries to farm, with two new sets for each class and plenty of new weapons to be used. But, farming the items is a long process, especially with the new third slot feature. So, to make the process smoother, we will offer some tips to speed up your Outriders Wordslayer legendary farms with a few tricks.

Expeditions provide the chances of the legendary item rewards in Outriders: Worldslayer.

Outriders Worldslayer legendary farms

In Outriders: Worldslayer, there are plenty of legendary farms you can use to your benefit. You can opt to do expeditions from the old end game, with more legendaries coming available through the different Apocalypse tiers. Completing a run will award you lots of loot from the Drop Pods, which also have a small chance of becoming an apocalypse item, containing a third mod lost. Meanwhile, you can visit Tiago vendors. By trading in, you can reroll vendor items and third slots to get gear. In addition, there is the new Tarya Gratar end-game dungeon, which contains a variety of bosses, alongside different rooms for targeted loot and more. These will be the core end game systems for farming your gear in the game.

Legendary Expedition Farms

Expeditions are the old feature that was part of the end game grind in the original Outriders. The Expedition is still a viable method for farming resources and getting your hands on gear too. The regular expeditions are likely the quickest way to get some basic legendaries to complete a set, or get more gear to breakdown for resources. You can still venture into the Eye of the Storm, where you can complete and get your hands on even more drops, and choose one of three legendaries from a list coupon completion.

In addition, the new Apocalypse tier system allows players to get apocalypse upgraded items on the purple and legendary quality items. The chances of it happening are around 10-12% depending on your tier in the 20-30 Apocalypse tier bracket, rising further the deeper you press towards Apocalypse tier 40.

Legendary Tarya Gratar farming

Tarya Gratar is the new end-game dungeon that you can repeatedly farm, exploring a variety of skirmish missions, targeted loot types, and bosses with strong legendary drops. As you progress, you will naturally earn a variety of items, along with collecting a variety of resources like anomaly extract and drop pod resources, to help your armor and weapon upgrades.

Depending on the purpose of your run, you can focus on the side missions, like focusing on more feet, legs, chest or glove drops. These rooms offer a better chance at drops for those item slots, which should translate to an increased chance at getting legendaries for that slot, alongside Apocalypse upgrades of legendries for the desirable third slot.

Then you have the Arbiter bosses. There are three Arbiter bosses, alongside the other bosses like the Okriel, the traitor. These bosses have better gear drops, especially with the final boss guaranteed legendary. It is worth mentioning killing the last boss typically tends to award legendary apocalypse gear. Moreso, the Apocalypse legendary gear also tends to offer T3 mods for the options, making killing the final boss the best Outsiders legendary farm in the game.

As of the July 12, 2022 patch, there is a guranteed legendary drop from the following areas, which will correlate with the targeted loot each of these area offer.

  • Cliffside Path
  • Daughter’s Sanctuary
  • The Arboretum

It should make trying to target legendaries for upgrades much better, rather than relying entirely on the last boss, which we call the 4x farm.

Best Apocalypse gear farm for Worldslayers: The 4x Avatar farm

We have another tip to share in this Outrider’s legendary farming tactics guide that needs its own section. At the time of writing, you can beat the final boss of Tarya Gratar up to four times in a single run. When you beat the boss, select your legendary, and mop up the other drops, simply return to the lobby rather than leave the instance.

Upon returning to the lobby, you can then log back into your character and resume from the last crossroads checkpoint before the final Arbiter boss. It will consume one attempt on your Tarya Gratar run whenever you load back in. If you have had a flawless run and don’t fail it on your next attempt, you can kill the last boss up to four times per completed run. It means you can get four times the options apocalypse legendary items, helping you get to some incredibly powerful guns and armor pieces four times faster than you can normally. Moreso, you can do this with your friends if you’re at a party and all get multiple legendaries per run.

Tiago’s low-cost legendary farm

Tiago can offer cheap legendaries if you don't start the Worldslayer quest.

Those who played Outriders New Horizon may remember that Tiago offered some cheap legendaries that you can reroll and get an inventory full of goodies, legendary weapons, and armor sets. The good news is that this method still works and allows you to get old mods or some new legendaries for a new class you want to play.

However, you can only do this method with a character that has not started Worldslayer. Log into your old characters and do not start the new main story quest, remaining at the Outriders camp. You can then speak to Tiago and see the low-cost legendary items alongside the low-cost reroll options. If you don’t have a character, you can boost a new character using the Worldslayers boost. Don’t accept the new quest. Otherwise, it will put Worldslayer prices on the Tiago vendor.

If you do not have the resources to buy legendaries from Tiago, you can stash some epics and legendaries and then break them down on your new character. You can then trade the Titanium for Drop Pod resources and buy your specific legendaries, use the random legendary purchase and cycle to a new inventory. That should be enough to get you the specific items you want for your class. You can then later upgrade them as you normally would once you enter the Worldslayer content.

We recommend running Tarya Gratar on T13, as it has the most chance to drop epic items, dones’t drop blues, while minimilizing as many legendary and aplocalyptic upgrades as possible. Doing one skirmish run and one loot target level should net onwards of 10+ epics, akin to around 3.5k titanium for your new character. Converting this titanium at Tiago can retuirn 7k drop pod resources, which can buy the equivalent of 25 legendaries for your new character. The below is a snippet of the loot you can expect on T13 Tarya Gratar alt loot runs.


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