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Spiritbreaker Legendary Pistol

Craig Robinson

For those cowboy players in Outriders, there are even more pistol legendaries added to the game. There are the Boulderlings, Lumberjack and the Spiritbreaker pistols added in Outriders Worldslayer. If you want to complete the collection, here is everything you need to know on Outriders Worldslayers’ Spiritbreaker sidearm.

Icon Name Type
Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Spiritbreaker High caliber pistol

Below are the mods you can find on the Spiritbreaker pistols. You’re guaranteed to get the Telefrag mod on the gun. It’s not exactly the most perfect mod, but it’s something for collection if you are a collector.

Mod Tier Description
Telefrag 3 Killing an enemy with a critical shot teleports you to the target’s location, dealing damage and applying slow to enemies within a 5-meter radius for 2 seconds. One-second cooldown.
Improved vulnerability bullets 2 shots inflict vulnerability on enemies. 4 seconds cooldown.

How to get the Spiritbreaker pistol in Outriders Worldslayer

If you’re aiming to get this gun as part of your collection, then sadly, it is a hard one to get. There is no way of increasing your chances of getting sidearms in the game, unlike targeting gear in Tarya Gratar, or increased drop chances through master perks.

Instead, the best chances you have of getting legendary pistols is via the loot drops from the bosses in Tarya Gratar. All the boss rooms in Tarya Grata drop legendary gear, increasing your chances of getting the Spiritbreaker. Though, it shares the drop pool as other legendary items in the game, so it is still only a chance you can get them.

The only other alternative is the guaranteed apocalypse legendaries from the final boss in Tarya Gratar. Defeating the last boss in the run offers three random apocalypse-quality legendary items. You may pick one of the three before the run ends. You can repeatedly farm the last boss while you still have attempts. The reason why is down to the return to the lobby method. Press the button once you have all the loot and then return back to Tarya Gratar from the lobby. You will then load into the checkpoint before the last boss and repeat this process until you run out of attempts.

How to use the Spiritbreaker legendary sidearms

If you’re going to use sidearms as a main feature of your build, you will want to use the Trigger Twitch set. The Trigger Twitch set offers better critical boosts to your sidearm, bonus sidearm damage buffs, and magazine refreshing. To make the build even better, we recommend playing a Trickster, taking the sidearm buffs from the PAX tree. You will find that you can continuously use the magazine for four seconds without spending ammo after using a movement skill.

You will also want to use Borrowed Time with the weapon since that procs the ammo preservation PAX tree, alongside teleport you back to your original position when Telefrag activates. That way, you’re not always point blank and in the dangerzone.

But, other than that, the Spiritbreaker seems to be one of the weakest Outriders Worldslayer legendaries in the game.


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