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Outriders Worldslayer

Martyr Legendary Armor Set

Ben Chard

Outriders Worldslayer is the new expansion to Outriders that was released on June 30th, 2022. One of the many new features of this expansion are the new Legendary Armor Sets for all of the classes. This page will give you all the details you need to know about the Martyr Set that can be used by all classes.

The Martyr Set is a new universal Legendary Set in Outriders Worldslayer.

Martyr’s Legendary Set Bonuses

The Martyr set is a universal Legendary set at launch for Outriders Worldslayer. In addition to the existing Legendaries, there are now new armor sets that can be worn by all of the Classes. Unlike the new Class sets, the Martyr set only has three pieces you can obtain. The Martyr set grants the following bonus when you have all three pieces:

  • All damage received by the player becomes a damage over time effect that cannot be removed.

This is a rather unique bonus on the Martyr set, if you can even call it a bonus at all. When activated, any damage you receive will instead become a damage over time effect that cannot be removed. In theory, this allows you to survive attacks that deal massive damage on higher Apocalypse Tiers, but you’ll need to ensure you’re constantly healing to counteract it. Some pieces of this set also feature a mod which may help out with the damage over time effect.

Helm of the Martyr

Icon Name Slot
Martyr_Head.png Helm of the Martyr Headgear

This is the Headgear piece for the Martyr set and comes with the following mods:

  • Under Pressure (Tier III): Being afflicted by any status grants x Armor and 4% of Resistance every 1 second. Stacks 5 times.
  • Untamed Power (Tier II): Using skills deal x damage to enemies within a 5 meter radius around you, the damage is equal to 30% of your Anomaly Power.

The Under Pressure Tier III mod is essential if you’re activating the set bonus of the Martyr set. This will help offset some of the extra damage you may sustain with the Armor and Resistance bonuses. Untamed Power is a useful mod that will see you deal damage to enemies around you when using skills, all based on your Anomaly Power.

Chestplate of the Martyr

Icon Name Slot
Martyr_Body_2.png Chestplate of the Martyr Upper Armor

This is the Upper Armor piece for the Martyr set and comes with the following mods:

  • Self-Medication (Tier III): Increase your Max Health by 10% when any skill starts its Cooldown. Stacks up to 3 times, each stack lasting 5 seconds.
  • What Goes Around (Tier II): Incoming bullets have a 20% chance of being deflected towards an enemy dealing x damage.

The Self-Medication Tier III mod is another one that will help with the damage over time status effect you suffer from the Martyr Set. Due to the way Outriders functions as a game, you’ll often find most of your skills are always in their Cooldown so it’s an easy bonus to trigger. What Goes Around is a useful defensive skill that gives you a small chance to push enemy bullets back in their path, decreasing the damage you take while inflicting some on them in the process.

Legplates of the Martyr

Icon Name Slot
Martyr_Pants.png Legplates of the Martyr Lower Armor

This is the Lower Armor piece for the Martyr set and comes with the following mods:

  • Vaccinated (Tier III): Receive 20% less damage when afflicted by Burn, Toxic, or Bleed.
  • Even Odds (Tier II): Increases your Max Health by 10% for each enemy within a 10 meter radius around you. Stacks up to 3 times.

The final piece in the Martyr set has mods that are focused around you sustaining less damage. The Vaccinated Tier III mod will cause you take less damage when afflicted with any of the three primary status effects, useful, but situational. Even Odds is another mod that will increase your Max Health, this time based on enemies in close proximity. This mod pairs up nicely with Self-Medication from the chestplate at giving you much higher Max Health to deal with the constant damage over time effect sustained from the set bonus.

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