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Outriders Worldslayer

What is the Trial of Tarya Gratar?

Ben Chard

Outriders Worldslayer is the new expansion to Outriders that was released on June 30th, 2022. One of the many new features of this expansion is an entirely new Endgame mode once you complete the Worldslayer campaign. This page will give you all the details you need to know about the Trial of Tarya Gratar.

The Trial of Tarya Gratar is the new Endgame for Worldslayer.

How to Unlock the Trial of Tarya Gratar?

Before you can get underway pillaging these lost ruins, you’ll first need to unlock it. As expected of something that is endgame, you’ll first need to complete the Worldslayer Campaign. For those of you playing Worldslayer purely for the new endgame content, you’ll be please to know that the Worldslayer campaign is short and can be easily finished in a single session.

Once the campaign is over, you’ll find yourself outside the Trial of Tarya Gratar, with all of the useful amenities you’ve come to expect from base camps (without the people of course). Be sure to check around all of the facilities, as there’s a piece of lore to discover on four of them. You’ll also find yourself on the Trial of Tarya Gratar Quest, which involves completing your first run.

How do Runs work?

The Trial of Tarya Gratar will give you a number of attempts to clear a run. A run consists of starting at the entrance and making it all the way through to the Final Trial at the end, where you’ll need to defeat a boss to claim the greatest rewards. If you exit the game in the middle of a run, you’ll lose one of your attempts, this at least allows you to pause an run if you need to stop playing for the day, provided you have more than one attempt remaining.

Once inside Tarya Gratar, take a look at your map to discover there are numerous options available to you. You have some degree of flexibility in how you progress through a run and if you look carefully, you can see that some arenas will target specific gear slots, this is great for those hunting down a specific loot drop. Once you complete an arena, you’ll be able to access a trove, opening this will reward you with plenty of loot as enemies themselves don’t drop loot in this activity.

Arenas in Tarya Gratar

There are several different rooms and arenas that you’ll find throughout Tarya Gratar, below you’ll find a list of what you can expect.


As it says, this is the entrance of Tarya Grater and not technically part of your run. Here you can use all of the expected base camp facilities, such as restock, upgrading your gear, and trading for resources, all the necessities an Outrider could ever need before their delve.


In between combat arenas, you’ll find yourself in Crossroads, these act as checkpoints and save havens between bouts of combat arenas. Take the time to look at the map here to plot your next course of action and restock before the next big battle. You’ll also respawn at the last Crossroads you reach when you lose an attempt.


These are your typical combat arenas and are the most common chamber in Tarya Gratar. You’ll face a different type of enemy per each encounter and their difficulty will be based on your Apocalypse Tier with the higher it being, the better the rewards. Once all of the enemies have been defeated in a Skirmish, you’ll find a Trove at the end of it, opening this will reward you with your loot for that Skirmish.

Skirmishes are the most common arena in the Trial of Tarya Gratar.


These side arenas are off the main path of your current run and are completely optional but complete them and greater loot will await you. You’ll have to deal with tougher enemies in these Landmarks, but if your goal is to get the best loot you can in a run, seek these out and complete them.


This is a boss arena, where you’ll have to defeat one of a pool of bosses to proceed deeper into the Trial. As you may expect, these are tough, but should you defeat them, the loot will be higher than a regular Skirmish. These Trials also act as a checkpoint in the sense that the next set of Skirmish enemies will be tougher than those before this Trial.

Final Trial

This is the end goal of every run in Tarya Gratar, and you’ll have to defeat the final boss here which can be very challenging, especially on higher Apocalypse Tiers. This is the most challenging part of any run but succeed and you’ll gain the greatest chance of the best loot available in any given run. Additionally, beat this Final Trial at Apocalypse Tier 25 to unlock an Achievement/Trophy.

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