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List of Outriders Worldslayer mods

Craig Robinson

Those digging into the new Worldslayer expansion for Outriders are finding lots of new sets, mods and weapons to mess around with. In fact, there are now over 45 new mods in the game, with many of the mods universal, along with some more mods for your class-specific skills. Players can now experiment some more with melee builds, sniper builds, and side arms builds while getting new toys for their defensive or offensive mods. If you’re interested in finding out all the Outriders Worldslayer mods for weapons and armors, then we have you copvered.

There are over 40 new universal mods for you to collect in Outriders Worldslayer.

Outriders Worldslayer Weapon mods

We have tried to list all the new universal weapon mods in Outriders Worldslayer only. We have added descriptions and tried to mention where you are guaranteed to get the mod from. However, we have only found some of these mods as apocalypse third slot mods. If the mod has a blank source, feel free to let us know how you got it, as we have only ever seen them as third slot mods on apocalypse gear.

Mod Icon Description Source
Deathronome Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot When 2 of your equipped skills are on cooldown, receive a Firepower bonus. Otherwise, receive bonus Anomaly Power. Eveningstar.
Death Ray Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Aiming down sights forms an Anomaly beam that deals damage every 0.3 seconds when in contact with an enemy. Charred Lance.
Dimensional Rockets Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots fire 4 rockets in the direction of the 4 closest enemies. Each rocket deals damage. Two seconds cooldown. The Messenger.
Essence Extractor Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots on enemies afflicted by any status restore 50% of your max health. Each active status applied to the target multiplies the amount of healing received. Three-second cooldown. Lumberjack.
Firestorm Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots summon a homing firestorm that deals damage and inflicts burn to enemies wiithin its radius over 8 seconds. The radius of the Firestorm increases with each successful shot on the afflcited target. Sunfall.
Fleshrender Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots create spikes under the enemy that deals 50% of total Firepower as damage over two seconds. Two seconds cooldown.
Lock and Load Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Using your melee skill charges your weapon with an Anomaly shockwave that pierces cover and deals damage.
Mage’s Rage Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots grant a 10% Anomaly Power bonus for 15 seconds, stacking up to four times. Final Penance.
Nikola’s Revenge Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Shots link up to 5 enemies within an 8-meter radius around the initial target, dealing damage over 2 seconds to each of them as long as the initial target is alive. Thunderclap.
Noxious Spawn Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots spawn three Anomaly projectiles that move towards the enemy with the highest health, dealing damage and applying Toxic to the target and enemies within a 1-meter range. Emerald Chaos.
Omen Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Shots launch a cover-piercing Anomaly projectile that inflicts bleed. It deals damage and applies a status effect that increases damage received by 10% for 3 seconds. It has a four-second cooldown. Mythos.
Pain Sphere Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot 30% of critical damage is spread to enemies within 6-meter radius as an Anomaly blast. 4 seconds cooldown.
Relativity Theorem Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots reduce 1 random skill cooldown by 10%. 2 seconds cooldown. Decadence.
Sanctuary Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots generate a short protective sphere effect around the player that reduces incoming Weapon Damage by up to 30% and ASnomaly Power by up to 30%. Phalanx
Slashing Twister Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots create a tornado that lasts 8 seconds and deals damage every 0.5 seconds. The affect gets larger over time. 6 seconds cooldown. Vortex.
Stigmatized Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots inflict Toxic and mark the target for 5 seconds. Killing a marked enemy causes them to explode, dealing X damage in a 7 meter radius and marks the enemies caught in the explosion for 5 seconds Deathscape.
Target Rich Environment Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots ricochet to 5 enemies within a 12-meter radius. Ricochet deals 30% of the initial shot’s damage. Three seconds cooldown. Corrupter.
Telefrag Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Killing an enemy with a critical shot teleports you to the target’s location, dealing damage and applying slow to enemies within a 5-meter radius for 2 seconds. One-second cooldown. Spiritbreaker.
Till Death Do Us Part Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots connect you to an enemy, healing you and dealing damage to an enemy every 0.5 second. The effect lasts 4 seconds. 4 seconds cooldown. Boulderlings.
Violent Eruption Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Shots create a volcanic explosion, dealing up to x damage within a 6-meter radius. 5 second cooldown. Hellborne.

Outriders Worldslayer armor mods

Mod Icon Description source
Charged up Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Aiming down sights charges your weapon with kinetic energy over time up to 2 times. Firing releases the stored energy, increasing the damage of that shot by up to x damage. The bonus is lost when you stop ADS. Deadeye’s Skull.
Collateral Damage Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots from Sniper Weapons deal 15% of their damage within a 3-meter radius. Deadeye’s Waistcoat.
Concussive Force Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Your melee skill deals 25% more damage in a 100% bigger range. Concussion Dev set or the third slot for universal.
Crazed Gunman Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots with Sidearms stack a 10% critical damage bonus up to 5 stacks. The bonus is lost upon swapping weapons or missing a shot.
Danger Close Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Grants a 6% Anomaly Power bonus for each enemy in Close Range. Stacks up to 4 times. The Shackled.
Dead Clock Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Receive an 8% weapon damage bonus for every skill that is on cooldown. Defiled Visage.
Headbanger Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots from Sniper Weapons deal 10% more damage. Each critical shot stacks a 60% damage bonus up to 100%. The bonus is applied to the next non-critical shot, but lost when missing a shot. Deadeye’s Cloak.
High Stakes Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Rolling after 4 successful shots with your sidearm grants a 100% critical chance bonus for 3 seconds. Trigger Twitch Helm.
Magma Shelter Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Your melee skill creates an explosion, dealing damage based on bonus firepower within a 2-meter radius. If enough space is available, it creates a cover made of magma. Helmet of Maxwell’s Demon.
Quick Iron Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot After every 3 critical shots with sidearms you can instantly reload your clip. Bonus is lost upon switching weapons or if the sidearm was reloaded before activating the bonus. Trigger Twitch’s Trousers.
Self-medication Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase your max health by 10% when any skill starts its cooldown. Stacks up to 3 times, each stack lasting 5 seconds. Chestplate of the Martyr.
Shock and Awe Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot When an enemy hits you with a melee attack, every target within a 5-meter radius is struck by Anomaly lightning that deals damage. 8 Seconds cooldown. Tundra Stalker.
Supercollidor Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Entering cover creates a forcefield that increases the damage of you and your allies bullets that pass through it by 25%. Legplates of Maxwell’s Demon.
Tactical Retreat Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Rolling creates an Anomaly orb that detonates in proximity to an enemy or when shot by the player, dealing damage within a 5-meter radius. 8-second cooldown. Armor of Maxwell’s Demon.
Thunder’s Legacy Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot You become charged with Anomaly lightning, dealing damage every 8 seconds to up to 3 enemies within a 10-meter radius. 8 seconds cooldown. The Descendant
Under Pressure Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Being afflicted with any status grants armor and 4% resistance every second, stacking up to 5 times. Helmet of the Martyr.
Vaccinated Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Recieve 20% less damage when afflicted by burn, toxic or bleed status effects. Legplates of the Martyr.
Virulent Compound Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deal 10% more damage to Elites afflicted by Toxic or Blightfire. Afflicted Elites explode when killed, dealing damage and spreading the status to other enemies within a 5-meter radius.


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