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Pyromancer Heat Seeker's Legendary Armor Set

Ben Chard

Outriders Worldslayer is the new expansion to Outriders that was released on June 30th, 2022. One of the many new features of this expansion are the new Legendary Armor Sets for all of the classes. This page will give you all the details you need to know about the Pyromancer Heat Seeker’s Set.

The Heat Seeker's set is a new set for the Pyromancer in Outriders Worldslayer.

Heat Seeker’s Legendary Set Bonuses

The Heat Seeker’s set is the Pyromancer’s second new Legendary set at launch for Outriders Worldslayer. In addition to the existing Legendaries, there are now new armor sets for each of the four classes. The Heat Seeker’s set for the Pyromancer grants the following bonus when you have three pieces:

  • After successful detonation, Thermal Bomb travels to the target with the lowest health in a 25 meter radius. Thermal Bomb applied this way deals 50% less damage and can chain up to 3 times.

The Heat Seeker legendary set makes your Thermal Bomb skills spread to nearby enemies after detonation. When used well with Anomaly Power builds, you can then proceed to clear maps incredibly effectively. Spreading Thermbal Bombs also apply burns to your enemies who get the Thermal Bomb debuff. It means that you can add more burst damage with the Overheat skill, which should help spread the Thermal Bomb by killing its current holder.

Heat Seeker’s Helmet

Icon Name Slot
HeatSeekersHead.png Heat Seeker’s Helmet Headgear

This is the Headgear piece for the Heat Seeker’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Thermal Reaction (Tier III Thermal Bomb): Your next successful shot after using the skill deals x damage in a 1.5 meter radius. Killing an enemy with the skill grants a 30% Anomaly Power bonus for 3 seconds.
  • Phoenix Force (Tier I Overheat): Earn additional x Anomaly Power per status consumed by the skill for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.

Thermal Reaction is an incredibly useful Tier III mode, massively increasing the damage of your next shot following Thermal Bomb. To make it even better, should you kill an enemy with it, you’ll gain an additional 30% Anomaly Power. Phoenix Force is just another bonus on top of the others to increase your Anomaly Power (and thus the effectiveness of this set).

Heat Seeker’s Chestplate

Icon Name Slot
HeatSeekersBody3.png Heat Seeker’s Chestplate Upper Armor

This is the Upper Armor piece for the Heat Seeker’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Firetrap (Tier III Thermal Bomb): Using the skill on a target Marked or afflicted with Burn creates an explosion dealing x damage in a 6 meter radius.
  • Sunburnt (Tier I Overheat): Increase by x the damage to enemies that have their statuses consumed by the skill.

The Firetrap Tier III mode is arguably the star of the show when it comes to the Heat Seeker’s set. When used on any target that is marked of burned, it will create a explosion in that 6 meter radius dealing massive damage. This mod is where most of the damage comes from when using the Heat Seeker’s set in a Pyromancer Build.

Heat Seeker’s Legplates

Icon Name Slot
HeatSeekersPants.png Heat Seeker’s Legplates Lower Armor

This is the Lower Armor piece for the Heat Seeker’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Heat Grenade (Tier III Overheat): Consuming statuses loads your weapon with an Anomaly projectile that will be launched with the next shot. The projectile explodes with a 5 meter radius dealing x damage which is increased by 5% with each status consumed. Stacks up to 10 times.
  • Fire Frenzy (Tier I Thermal Bomb): The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the Cooldown.

Provided you’re hit with statuses, Heat Grenade can massively increase your damage output as the Anomaly projectile that is launched with your next shot can really scale up. Fire Frenzy, on the other hand, allows you to use more Thermal Bombs which is where the majority of the damage from this set comes from.

Heat Seeker’s Gloves

Icon Name Slot
HeatSeekersGloves.png Heat Seeker’s Gloves Gloves

These are the Gloves for the Heat Seeker’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Turn Up The Heat (Tier III Overheat): The skill can be activated 2 times before triggering the Cooldown.
  • True Blast (Tier I Thermal Bomb): Increases explosion damage by x.

This is arguably the least important part of the set, and one you should consider leaving if you have 3 other pieces already activating the set. Turn Up The Heat will allow you to use Overheat twice before the Cooldown triggers while True Blast will further increase the explosion damage of your Thermal Bombs.

Heat Seeker’s Boots

Icon Name Slot
HeatSeekersBoots.png Heat Seeker’s Boots Boots

These are the Boots for the Heat Seeker’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Burning Passion (Tier III Overheat): There is a 50% chance to reapply every status the skill consumed on an affected enemy.
  • Bullet Kindling (Tier II): Deal 20% more damage against enemies afflicted by Burn.

Like the gloves above, these are less of a draw than the rest of the set and if you’re looking for only 3 pieces for the set, you can drop the gloves and the boots. Burning Passion, when it triggers, is a fine mod, but it’s only a 50% chance and there are much better mods for a Heat Seeker than this. Bullet Kindling, on the other hand, is always useful for Pyromancers as you’ll always be inflicting Burn on your foes.


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