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Trickster Terminal Velocity Legendary Armor Set

Ben Chard

Outriders Worldslayer is the new expansion to Outriders that was released on June 30th, 2022. One of the many new features of this expansion are the new Legendary Armor Sets for all of the classes. This page will give you all the details you need to know about the Trickster’s Terminal Velocity Set.

Terminal Velocity Legendary Set Bonuses

The Terminal Velocity Armor set is one of the Trickster’s new Legendary sets at launch for Outriders Worldslayer. In addition to the existing Legendaries, there are now new armor sets for each of the four classes. The Terminal Velocity Armor set for the Trickster grants the following bonus when you have three pieces:

  • Activating Movement skills, rolling, sprinting and having Borrowed Time active during combat generates Anomaly Velocity that boosts your Weapon Damage up to 60% and decays over time. Additionally, your roll is replaced with Phantom Dash, allowing you to pass through enemies.

This is a build that greatly improves a Trickster’s damage output, especially if you’re already using the Borrowed Time skill. When using it (or other movement skills), you’ll increase your Weapon Damage eventually up to 60%. You’ll also gain Phantom Dash for free, a much more useful alternative to a roll that will allow you to pass through enemies.

Cowl of Terminal Velocity

Icon Name Slot
TerminalVelocityHead2.png Cowl of Terminal Velocity Headgear

This is the Headgear piece for the Terminal Velocity set and comes with the following mods:

  • Extermination Protocol (Tier III Borrowed Time): Receive a 6% damage bonus against Elites every 3 seconds while the skill is active. Bonus stacks up to 30% and is removed when the skill ends.
  • Personal Space (Tier II): Grants you a 12% bonus to Close Weapon Damage.

The Extermination Protocol Tier III mod allows a Trickster to stack damage bonuses against Elites whenever they use Borrowed Time. This can be especially useful when you find yourself up against multiple Elites at the same time. Personal Space is another useful mod that increases your overall damage when close to enemies, which Tricksters usually find themselves doing.

Cuirass of Terminal Velocity

Icon Name Slot
TerminalVelocityBody2.png Cuirass of Terminal Velocity Upper Armor

This is the Upper Armor piece for the Terminal Velocity set and comes with the following mods:

  • Decontamination (Tier III Hunt The Prey): Using the skill removes 1 of your random status effects.
  • Gunshield (Tier I Borrowed Time): Receive a 15% Firepower bonus while the skill is active.

The Decontamination Tier III mod isn’t an essential skill to any builds using the Terminal Velocity set but it is a nice addition to the skill, allowing it to remove one of your random status effects. Gunshield, on the other hand, is another mod that will give you a nice increase to your Firepower whenever you use Borrowed Time.

Trousers of Terminal Velocity

Icon Name Slot
TerminalVelocityPants.png Trousers of Terminal Velocity Lower Armor

This is the Lower Armor piece for the Terminal Velocity set and comes with the following mods:

  • No Time To Cool Down (Tier III Borrowed Time): While the skill is active, all skill Cooldowns are reduced by 30%.
  • Radiation Jump (Tier I Hunt The Prey): Inflict Vulnerable to the enemy you teleport behind.

The No Time To Cool Down Tier III mod does exactly what it says pretty much, it will reduce all of your skill cooldowns by 30% whenever you activate Borrowed Time, this will allow you to use more damaging skills much more often. Radiation Jump is an effective way of inflicting the ever useful Vulnerable (enemies take more damage) status effect on your foes.

Arm Wraps of Terminal Velocity

Icon Name Slot
TerminalVelocityGloves.png Arm Wraps of Terminal Velocity Gloves

These are the Gloves for the Terminal Velocity set and comes with the following mods:

  • Hit And Run (Tier III Hunt The Prey): If your targeted enemy dies within 3 seconds after the activation of the skill, you are returned to the spot you activated it.
  • Short-Term Loan (Tier I Borrowed Time): Reduces the skill’s Cooldown by 25%.

The usefulness of these gloves will all depend on how much you like being teleported around the battlefield, but as a whole, they’re one of the weaker pieces of the set. The Hit And Run Tier III mod will return you to where you activated the skill should you kill your targeted enemy within 3 seconds, this can get you out of danger, but also prevent you from continuing your onslaught. Short-Term Loan is another mod that reduces your cooldown, this time of the Borrowed Time skill, allowing you to make more use of it.

Footwear of Terminal Velocity

Icon Name Slot
TerminalVelocityBoots.png Footwear of Terminal Velocity Boots

These are the Boots for the Terminal Velocity set and comes with the following mods:

  • Hyperloop (Tier III Hunt The Prey): The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
  • Buckshot Shells (Tier II): Shotgun Weapon Damage is increased by 12%.

The Hyperloop Tier III mod allows you to use Hunt The Prey an extra time before it goes into cooldown, allowing you to stack the bonuses from the other pieces. Buckshot Shells is a mod that is focused around Shotguns, a useful weapon type for Tricksters considering they usually find themselves in close range.


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