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Outriders Worldslayer

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Deathscape Legendary Assault Rifle

Shane Williams

Outriders Worldslayer which released on June 30th, 2022 brings 9 new Legendary Weapons for players to get their hands on as they explore Enoch. One of which is the Deathscape Assault Rifle and this page will give you tips on obtaining it and the best way to use it.

Icon Name Type
Deathscape.png Deathscape Assault Rifle

List of Deathscape Legendary Assault Rifle Mods

Mod Tier Description
Stigmatized 3 Successful shots inflict Toxic and mark the target for 5 seconds, Killing a marked enemy causes them to explode, dealing X damage in a 7 meter radius and marks the enemies caught in the explosion for 5 seconds
Damage Link 2 Shots link up to 4 enemies, sharing 30% of their Weapon Damage dealt and 15% of their Anomaly Damage for 1 second
Grand Opening 3 Landing a hit with the first bullet in a magazine creates a powerful explosion, dealing x damage in a 5 meter radius for 3 seconds.

Best Way To Obtain The Deathscape Legendary Assault Rifle in Outriders Worldslayer

Worldslayer brought a new gameplay system which is called Ascension Tiers. This is similar to World Tiers in that it increases the difficulty of enemies, but in return you’ll have an increased chance of seeing Apocalyptic Legendaries drop. Once you’ve gained access to the Ascension Tiers, put it on the highest tier available to you and continue slaying enemies until it eventually drops.

Alternatively, you can speak with Tiago at the base camp and he may have it available as one of his Elite Offers. However, these weapons aren’t cheap to purchase, so make sure you balance out dismantling weapons and selling them to get a good amount of resources and scrap. If you have any Drop Pod Resources, then you can use that to Reroll to get a bunch of new offers. For those running low on Drop Pod Resources, then take a look at our How to get Drop Pod Resources page.

How To Use The Deathscape Legendary Assault Rifle in Outriders Worldslayer

The Deathscape has an exclusive Tier 3 Mod called Stigmatized, this inflicts toxic and marks the enemies for 5 seconds, then killing it will unleash an explosion which will mark nearby enemies. Additionally, it has a large magazine size of 40 Bullets which pairs well with the bonus Crit Damage it comes with. Along with this you’ll receive healing from killing enemies and Life Leech.

This Weapon is a great fit for Technomancer’s who are using Pestilence Tree for their build as it is heavily focused around dealing Toxic Damage. This means you can swap out skills that deal toxic damage to support based, as the Deathscape will be applying toxic to enemies for you.

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