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All Buffs in Outriders Worldslayer

Shane Williams

Outriders Worldslayer is the new expansion to Outriders that was released on June 30th, 2022. As always, you’ll encounter many enemies, all of which can inflict a host of nasty status effects on you. This page will give you all the details you need to know about all Buffs in Outriders Worldslayer.

What Are Buffs in Outriders Worldslayer

There are a large variery of different type of buffs that players can use to improve their overall damage as they explore Enoch. These are split up into four catagories, Damge, Resistance, Healing and Abilities. This allows you to increase the amount of damage extra damage with all tools the games provide, such as Weapons or Skills, Elements and more. These buffs are activated by your Equipment, Skills and Mods. For example, our Decadence Legendary Sniper Rifle comes along with the Crit Damage, Skill Life Leech, and Status Power Attributes, so it’ll make making use of the Critical Damage, Skill Leech and Status Power Buffs.

Damage Buff List

Icon Name Effect
DamageBuff.png Damage Buff Increased damage dealt
AnomalyBuff.png Anomaly Buff Increased Anomaly Power
WeaponDamageBuff.png Weapon Damage Buff Increased Weapon Damage
MeleeDamageBuff.png Melee Damage Buff Increased Melee Damage
ArmorPierceBuff.png Armor Pierce Buff Increased Armor Piercing
ResistancePierceBuff.png Resistance Pierce Buff Increased Resistance Piercing
CriticalHitChanceBuff.png Critical Chance Buff Increased the chance of Critical Shots
CriticalDamageBuff.png Critical Damage Buff Increased damage of Critical Shots
EliteDamageBuff.png Elite Damage Buff Increased damage against Elites
StatusPower.png Status Power Buff Increased Status Power

Resistance Buff List

Icon Name Effect
ArmorBuff.png Armor Buff Increased Armor
ResistanceBuff.png Resistance Buff Increased Resistance
DamageResistanceBuff.png Damage Resistance Buff Reduced incoming damage
EliteDamageMitigation.png Elite Damage Mitigation Buff Reduced incoming damage from Elites

Healing Buff List

Icon Name Effect
SkillLeechBuff.png Skill Leech Buff Increased Skill Leech
WeaponLeechBuff.png Weapon Leech Buff Increased Weapon Leech
HealthRegenerationBuff.png Health Regeneration Buff Passive Health Regeneration

Ability Buff List

Miscellaneous Buff List

Icon Name Effect
SpeedBuff.png Speed Buff Increased movement speed
DeathPrevention.png Death Prevention Player has an effect in place which grants them death prevention
Immunity.png Immunity Immunity to all negative status effects.
InfiniteSidearmAmmo.png Infinite Sidearm Ammo No ammo is consumed for Sidearm Weapons
AnomalyBreakerCharge.png Anomaly Breaker Charge Anomaly Breaker ability is ready.


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