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Boulderlings Legendary Sidearm

Craig Robinson

In the Outriders Worldslayer expansion, there are many new legendary weapons and armor. For those looking into pistols, there is a new one called the Boulderlings. Here is everything you need to know about the Outriders Worlddslayer Boulderlings legendary sidearm.

Icon Name Type
Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Boulderlings Automatic pistols
Mod Tier Description
Till Death Do Us Part 3 Successful shots connect you to an enemy, healing you for x and dealing damage to the enemy every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. The effect last four seconds on a four-second cooldown.
Shield Maiden 1 Shots generate Shield.

Best Way to Obtain the Boulderlings

Unfortunately, there is no optimal method of increasing your chances of getting Bourderlings in Outriders Worldlsayer. Typically, some pieces of gear have an attached loot room in Tarya Gratar, along with a class that offers a weapon expert to increase the chances of dropping the apporpriate loot.

The bosses typically offer legendary drops for every boss you kill. So, running through the main missions in Tarya Gratar is more likely to drop the Boulderlings through the legendaries the bosses drop. Therefore, you have the best chance through the boss killings in Tarya Gratar.

You can also use the return to lobby method on the final boss of Tarya Gratar. If you have any spare attempts left after killing the final boss, you may return to the lobby rather than exiting. This allows you to do the final boss again, offering more legendary loot and a guaranteed apocalypse legendary of your choice of three at random. The quantity of legendary drops means you may get more chances at Boulderlings, but there is no guarantee.

How to use Boulderlings in Outriders Worldslayer

If you’re really looking to go full pistoleer, or cowboy mode, then we recommend playing the Trickster. There is a PAX tree called the Infinity Slinger, which means your sidearm weapons don’t consume ammo for four seconds after using a movement skill. This is great for an automatic side arm like the Boudlerlings, as you can pump lots of ammo with its higher rate of fire.

In addition, we recommend taking the new set, Trigger Twitch’s. The legendary set would offer special melee action if half your sie arm magazine were critical hits. You also get mods like High Stakes, granting 100% crit chance bonus after landing four successful shots after a roll. You can also get Quick Iron, which grants an instant reload after landing three headshots. Moreso, you can get bonus side arm damage and other nice additions to the pistol setup. You can also run Twisted Rounds skill from the Trickster tree and amplify your pistol rounds even more. All in all, you can keep firing your pistols thanks to the Trickster PAX tree and the Trigger Twitch’s set, making this playstyle somewhat functional, despite it not being a meta build or playstyle.


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