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How To Defeat Wavecleaver Urka

Shane Williams

Outriders Worldslayer which released on June 30th, 2022 brings severeal new bosses for players to take down as they explore the new locations around Enoch. This page pertains to the Wavecleaver Urka boss that you’ll face during your run of the Trial of Tarya Gratar which is the new end-game introduced with Worldslayer.

Wavecleaver Urka is one of the more tougher optional endgame bosses


You won’t face the Wavecleaver Urka until you’re nearing the halfway mark of the Trial of Tarya Gratar and some players may miss it completely if you’re arent doing optional rooms. You can find Wavecleaver Urka by defeating The Arbiter of the Worthy, then heading west at the Vestibule Crosroads to reach Daughter’s Sanctuary. Wavecleaver Urka is a lot simplier mechanics wise compared to the main Arbiter bosses, but the struggle comes with his ads and stunlocking attacks.

How To Avoid Wavecleaver Urka’s Advancing Waters Attack

You’ll see Wavecleaver Urka charge up an attack called Advancing Waters, this will involve him dashing towards you and swinging his spear along with launching a wave of water towards the targeted player. This is a pretty tricky attack to avoid, as he is pretty quick and likes to stun players, so you’ll want to just keep dodging until he gets off your back and then work on recovering your health.

How To Avoid Wavecleaver Urka’s Wavewraiths

As the battle progresses, Wavecleaver Urka will constantly spawn in ads called Wave Wraiths. These enemies stay in the same location and shoot off tidal waves in front of them, so you’ll want to shift your focus to work on taking them out as quickly as possible. If you ignore them, then multiple waves will be shooting all across the battlefield, making it extremely difficult to avoid. Getting inside these waves will knock you down and allow the boss to get and easy hit on you.

(1 of 2) Wavecleaver Urka will dash towards you when performing Advancing Waters.

Wavecleaver Urka will dash towards you when performing Advancing Waters. (left), Make sure you take out the Wavewraiths to reduce the AoEs. (right)

How To Avoid Wavecleaver Urka’s Spear Throw Attack

During the battle you’ll sometimes see Wavecleaver Urka charge up an attack named Spear Throw which involves him throwing multiple spears at you or a random player. In order to avoid this you’ll want to keep your distance like usual, so you’ll have more time to roll out of the way.

How To Avoid Wavecleaver Urka’s Downpour Attack

Throughout the battle Wavecleaver Urka will charge up an attack named Downpour which will cause him to launch up into the air and dive down on your location. The best way to avoid this attack is to keep your distance from the boss, but keep a close eye on your surroundings to avoid getting caught by any tidal waves shooting across the arena.


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