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Mage's Rage

Craig Robinson

If any of the new Outrtriders Worldslayer mods stand out the most, it is the Mage’s Rage mod. The new mod is one of the most crucial mods in the game for quite a lot of builds, with its ramping Anomaly Power (AP) buff, which lasts significantly longer than most other mod buffs in the game. Here is everything you need to know about the Mage’s Rage mod in Outriders Worldslayer.

The Mage's Rage mod is a T3 weapon mod introduced in Worldslayer.

What is the Mage’s Rage mod in Outriders Worldslayer?

The Mage’s Rage mod is a new weapon mod. The purpose of it is to allow players the chance to aim with their weapon and get crit strikes while buffing their total AP.

Mod Icon Description
Mage’s Rage Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical strikes with your weapon increase Anomaly Power by 10%, stacking up to four times. The stacks last for 15 seconds.

The purpose of the mod is to provide a new way to reward gunplay for the AP builds, which also offers hybrid builds even more bonus damage sources. In fact, Mage’s Rage mod is one of the most viable mods in the game because of it. For example, it is a go-to mod for any AP Pyromancer build, no matter what build they use.

It is also used in the new hybrid meta Firepower build that Tricksters build, where the primary source of damage comes from their conversions from Anomaly Power into Firepower when using assault rifles and Twisted Rounds. Even the Devastator AP builds use this mod to increase the potential damage but go full Seismic Commander on their enemies. The Technomancer can also use this mod if they use the new Techmonger set or some other form of Anomaly Power Ordinance build.

How to get the Mage’s Rage mod

If you’re looking to add the mod to you’re arsenal, there appears to be only one guaranteed way to get it. This is from the new Final Penance legendary weapon. The Mage’s Rage mod is in the weapon’s first mod slot. You can either mod it out to add it to your mod inventory and add it back in or destroy the gun and claim it that way.

In addition, you can also get the mod from Apocalypse gear rolls. There is a small chance that legendary items can get any T3 mod on the gear that is either part of your class or part of the universal mod pool. You can get it that way, beak the gun down, or use it as part of your build.

Once you have it, feel free to mod it into your guns and go from there if you’re using an Anomaly Power build. Hopefully you see the strengths of it shine through.


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