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Outriders Worldslayer

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Devastator Concussioner's Legendary Armor Set

Ben Chard

Outriders Worldslayer is the new expansion to Outriders that was released on June 30th, 2022. One of the many new features of this expansion are the new Legendary Armor Sets for all of the classes. This page will give you all the details you need to know about the Devastator Concussioner’s Set.

Concussioner’s Legendary Set Bonuses

The Concussioner’s set is the Devastator’s new Legendary set at launch for Outriders Worldslayer. In addition to the existing Legendaries, there is now a new armor set for each of the four classes. The Concussioner’s set for the Devastator grants the following bonus when you have three pieces:

  • Taking damage generates Melee energy. Using your Melee skill releases the energy, dealing 80% of taken damage within a 10 meter radius. The releases damage scales with your Armor. Generated energy depletes gradually every 2 seconds.

The Concussioner’s set is a fun one to play around with, the mods that add the new Golem Clone can deal plenty of damage if you’re geared the correct way. The set bonus allows you to generate Melee energy as you take damage, then unleash it all on a group of enemies around you, scaling with your Armor.

Concussioner’s Helmet

Icon Name Slot
ConcussionersHead.png Concussioner’s Helmet Headgear

This is the Headgear piece for the Concussioner’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Claws (Tier III): Inflicts Vulnerable on all enemies hit with your Melee skill.
  • Auto Reflect (Tier III Reflect Bullets): You can now fight while the skill is active, but you cannot manually deactivate the skill. It only negates 50% of the damage.
  • Ashen Boost (Tier II): Boosts your damage against enemies afflicted with Ash by 20%.

As a Devastator, you’ll be using Melee often and the Claws mod is fantastic at adding Vulnerable to all of the enemies you hit with it. Auto Reflect causes Reflect Bullets to lose some of its effectiveness but being able to fight while the skill is active is a massive boon.

Concussioner’s Chestplate

Icon Name Slot
ConcussionersBody2.png Concussioner’s Chestplate Upper Armor

This is the Upper Armor piece for the Concussioner’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Force Feedback (Tier III Reflect Bullets): Upon contact, the barrier inflicts x damage that is increased for every enemy in Close Range, up to 10 times.
  • Perseverance (Tier I Golem): Increases the skill’s duration by 50%
  • Rockfall (Tier III Golem): Skill throws a debris bomb at a direction of random enemy every 5 seconds dealing x damage. Every enemy hit by debris bomb fragment receives 30% more Melee damage for 3 seconds.

Force Feedback further improves your Reflect Bullets skill by inflicting massive damage back at your foes, increasing for every enemy that is in close range (up to 10 times). Rockfall is the real winner here, though, as it allows Golem to throw debris bombs at your enemies which will also increase the Melee damage they take in addition to the damage they suffer.

Concussioner’s Legplates

Icon Name Slot
ConcussionersPants.png Concussioner’s Legplates Lower Armor

This is the Lower Armor piece for the Concussioner’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Equator (Tier III Reflect Bullets): Damage blocked by the skill is released as a damaging Anomaly disc that rotates around the player. The damage dealt is increased dependent on amount of damage blocked by the skill.
  • Perseverance Fists (Tier II): Whenever your Health drops below 30%, increase your Melee damage by 300%.
  • What Goes Around (Tier II): Incoming bullets have 30% chance of being deflected towards an enemy dealing x damage.

The mods on this piece will cause Reflect Bullets to now release an Anomaly disc that deals the damage back to your foes as it rotates around you. Perseverance Fists is a fantastic mod that will massively increase your Melee damage whenever you fall into critical Health, allowing you to get out of sticky situations.

Concussioner’s Gauntlets

Icon Name Slot
ConcussionersGloves.png Concussioner’s Gauntlets Gloves

These are the Gloves for the Concussioner’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Concussive Force (Tier II): Your Melee skill deals 25% more damage in a 100% bigger range.
  • Martial Arts (Tier III): Reduces the Cooldown of your Melee skill by 50%.
  • Reload Shield (Tier II): When a Shield is active, reloading grants you x points of Shield.

The mods on these Gloves are all about ensuring you can use your Melee skill more frequently while also increasing its range and damage. These synergize perfectly with the mods on the other pieces of equipment.

Concussioner’s Boots

Icon Name Slot
ConcussionersBoots.png Concussioner’s Boots Boots

These are the Boots for the Concussioner’s set and comes with the following mods:

  • Chip Off The Old Block (Tier III Golem): While the skill is active, using Melee skill while sprinting creates a Golem Clone that jumps towards the nearest enemy and deals 300% of the Melee skill damage within a 3 meter radius.
  • Brawl (Tier III): Boost your Melee skill damage by 100%.
  • Stare Into The Barrel (Tier III): Boosts your Firepower by x for each enemy in Close Range. Stacks up to 4 times.

The mods on these Boots are the highlight of this set, with Chip Off The Old Block being one of the best new mods in Worldslayer. This will cause your sprinting melee attacks to create a Golem Clone that deals melee damage in an area of effect. Add the Brawl mod to it and it will increase the damage even further!

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