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Explaining Anomaly Power

Craig Robinson

Outriders is a looter shooter with ARPG-like mechanics that offer players a variety of ways to create builds for the four classes. Players can expect to make builds that focus on chugging through enemies using rounds, or empowering their skills and abilities with Anomaly Power. While increasing your firepower will obviously enhance your weapon damage, Outriders’ Anomaly Power is a little harder to understand. This guide will focus on how Anomaly Power works in Outriders, as of the Worldslayer expansion release.

Anomaly Power buffs your skill damage, melee skill and status effects.

How Anomaly Power works in Outriders Worldslayer

Anomaly Power is a stat in Outriders that will empower a variety of your damage features. Your status effects, skill damage, and melee attack all scale with the amount of Anomaly Power you have.

The amount of Anomaly Power your character has will also naturally increase as your character levels up. At the end game, the gear continues to scale with your average item level, which you can find on your character inventory screen. It will say ‘AVG’ with a yellow number, followed by a dash and a grey number. The yellow number indicates your currently worn average item level, while the grey number indicates your maximum item level potential based on the gear currently in your inventory backpack.

At the bare minimum, you’ll find that your Anomaly Power will naturally increase and empower any status, skills or melee strikes you do as you naturally level up and equip better gear. But, if you want to run an Anomaly Power build, you’ll need to get more Anomaly Power through ulterior methods.

How to get more Anomaly Power in Outriders

There are many ways in which you can get more Anomaly Power in Outriders and in Worldslayer. If you intend on getting more Anomaly Power, you’ll find all the ways you can get more below.

Ever since the base version of Outriders, pieces of gear will have a variety of bonuses on them. The item depends on if it is a random roll or a pre-determined stat. But rest assured some of these stats include Anomaly Power-related benefits. One of the buffs is an Anomaly Power buff that adds a flat amount of bonus Anomaly Power to your total count. Meanwhile, there are buffs to Status Power and skill leach, which are genuinely nice additions to your skill-focused builds.

Upon finding a piece of gear that has Anomaly Power on it, you can then improve those bonuses further. Simply visit a crafting table, select the armor or weapon, and then select the increase attributes option. If the weapon has Anomaly Power on it, you can then further increase that by spending Anomaly Power shards. Although, there is only so many times you can upgrade the attibutes on a weapon. You can get more Anomaly Power shards by dismantling gear with Anomaly Power attributes on it. This also applies to any other attibute in the game.

This is an example of a legendary that increases Anomaly Power

There are also legendary armor sets you can get for each class. Some of these classes have sets that increase your Anomaly Power. Take the Pyromancer for example. The Pyro has a set called Acari, with its set bonus granting a 25% Anomaly Power bonus for ten seconds for every enemy damaged by Heatwave. This, therefore, stacks depending on how many enemies you hit with Heatwave for that ten-second period.

Moreso, you can get bonus Anomaly Power from your class trees. Each class typically has a tree for weapons damage, abilties, and one that focuses on defensiveness. Throughout the class specilization trees, you’ll find talents that grants you bonus Anomaly Power in some form or another. For example, a Pyromancer has the Archmage talent, which increases Anomaly Power by 10%, and there are several of them, alongside other talents like Gifted, which increases weapon damage and Anomaly Power by 5%. Each class has difffernt names for their AP buffs so keep your eyes peeled as you explore your class tree in more detail.

Lastly, some mods in the game also grant Anomaly Power, skill or status empowering effects. You may want to consider investing in mods that grant extra Anomaly Power based on the skills you are using for your build or by using your weapons in certain ways. These help to grant bonus Anomaly Power that you otherwise don’t have as part of your equipable gear.

Getting Anomaly Power with Outriders Worldslayer

With the addition of Outriders: Worldslayer, there are now more ways to get Anomaly Power. The new PAX tree and Ascension class points offer even more ways to improve your character for a variety of builds, including Anomaly Power-focused builds.

When you get to level 30 and own Worldslayer, you will then start progressing through Ascension levels. Every time you reach a new Ascension level, you get a point. You can then spend it on any of the Ascension talents you want, with a cap of ten for each talent. One such example is increasing your Anomaly Power by 10% if you invest ten points for that talent. You can also increase your anomaly damage, which is a stat that alters your actual skill damage, status effects and more.

You can directly increase your Anomaly Power in the new Ascension tree in Worldslayer

As for the PAX tree, these are new trees for each class. Let’s take the Pyromancer as an example again. There is a talent choice called Backdraft, which increases your Anomaly Power by 30% for every skill on cooldown. There’s also a talent called Carbonization, which increases the anomaly damage to enemies take who are hit with the class’ immobilize skills.

Both these skills do different benefits to your Anomaly Power and benefit different types of Anomaly Power builds. One benefits ash and burn builds, while the other offers better Anomaly Power benefits to your more skill-orientated builds.

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