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Outriders Worldslayer

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Phalanx Legendary Shotgun

Craig Robinson

If you’re a shotgun fan in Outriders, you’ll be pleased to know there are new shotgun legendaries in Outriders Worldslayer. There is the new Thunderclap auto shotgun, as well as the Eveningstar and the Phalanx. This page will specialize in the Phalanx, which is one of the more sturdy shotguns in Outriders Worldslayer.

Icon Name Type
Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Phalanx Automatic slug variant shotgun

The mods for the Phalanx are fairly interesting. It’s a weapon designed to deal with multiple threats, ensuring your defences if needed. It’s not the most fantastic weapon in the game, but, it is a decent auto shotgun if you need both aspects in your build.

Mod Tier Description
Sanctuary 3 Successful shots generate a short protective sphere effect around the player that reduces incoming Weapon damage by up to 30% and Anomaly damage by 30%.
Bone Shrapnel 2 Killing shots detonate the enemy’s bones and turn into shrapnel that deals damage and inflicts bleed on enemies within a 5-meter radius. Three seconds cooldown.

How to get the Phalanx in Outriders Worldslayer

The best way to get the Phalanx is via the Trickster’s Shotgun Master class perk. The Shotgun Master grants an increased bonus chance to collect shotguns from loot drops. This is going to be big if you fancy getting your hands on any of the new shotguns in the game.

Also, the bosses in Tarya Gratar are the best places to loot legendaries from. Each of the bosses in a Tarya Gratar run typically drops a legendary at a bare minimum, with the middle and last bosses offering the most drops. You will want to beat these bosses for the best chance at getting your hands on a legendary shotgun, including the Phalanx.

You can get a guaranteed Apocalypse item from the final boss of the Tarya Gratar run. After killing the final boss, the game awards you three random legendary options, and you can choose one. We advise picking one you want and then return to the lobby, relog back into your character and login at the checkpoint before the final boss. The technique allows you to fight the last boss of the Tarya Gratar instance as long as you have attempts left, offering more awards until your run out of attempts. There are four maximum atttempts at the last boss as long as you don’t die or disconnect at any point in the run.

How to use the Phalanx in Outriders Worldslayer

Honestly, the Phalanx is not that good, but if you are using it, there are a few tips to get the most from it. The Phalanx can be made better by adding mods to your armor that increase the damage you do to enemies afflicted with Bleeds. This makes the AOE detonation on your Bone Shrapnel much stronger, increasing your close-range mobbing potential. If you like the bleed potential, then you can use a weapon with Omen on it, as that inflicts bleed and grants a 10% damage debuff on enemies hit. With Omen applied, you can make a bleed build and inflict a 10% damage boost on the targets. This is a decent idea for any Devastator firepower build or status debuff build.

You can also use the Sanctuary on it if you are struggling with defensive. However, Fortress is generally a better option for your build, granting you 30% armor and resistance buffs when fully stacked. While that might be less effective than Sanctuary, it does grant a 20% damage buff, making it an overall better mod.

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