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Best Outriders Technomancer Worldslayer build

Craig Robinson

The Technomancer is the master of engineering, whether that be using robotic allies, crafting heavy ordinance, or poisoning its weapons to deal damage. Those familiar with Outriders’ base game will know about the Blighted Rounds build and the carnage it has caused. Although heading into the new Worldslayer Expansion, it did get a nerf, nothing stops it from being one of the best boss-killing builds in the game. However, the hard-to-pull-off Trickster build offers the best rounds build in Worldslayer, consequently knocking it down the totem pole.

If you don’t fancy being second best, why not try the new Anomaly Power build using the Techmonger set introduced in Worldslayer? We feel it’s well-rounded enough to warrant the title of best Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer build. But we shall leave the interpretation up to you.

The Technomancer has two viable builds, the Borealis Blighted build, and the Techmonger turret build.

The best Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer build - The Techmonger

The Techmonger is a brand new set launched in the Worldslayer expansion. The new set bonus works by using Turret skills to increase turret damage. The bonus lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 5 times. This means that you get a 50% skill damage bonus on your turrets by rotating them around. Combine this with a strong Anomaly Power build that increases skill damage, and you can launch the turret damage into the stars.

With that being the focus of the build, you can then use another skill that scales with your Anomaly Power. This is the Technomancer’s Minigun and Rocket Launcher combo found in the Tool of Destruction skill. What this does is offer a somewhat similar playstyle to the Blighted Rounds playstyle. Expect you to use your Minigun for boss damage while letting your turrets be the primary carrier or using the Rocket Launcher to clear packs. The reality is that you get a very strong scaling, with versatility for single target, boss killing and map clear speed improvements. It also offers decent defensive capabilities, with the turrets able to heal via the Technomancer’s passive and serve as an extra layer of protection, especially the Cryo Turret’s CC.

While it doesn’t have the single target damage ceiling as the Borealis single target legendary set, it offers plenty of other improvements to make the build versatile. Let us take a closer look at the class.


The three skills you want to use are the Blighted Turret, Cryo Turret and the Tool of Destruction.

Skill Icon Description Comment
Cryo Turret Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Place an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts freeze onto enemies,. The turret’s health depletes slowly over time and when it takes damage. Useful for freezing enemies, controlling enemy packs, and even elites.
Blighted Turret Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Place an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts Toxic onto enemies. The Turret’s Health depletes slowly over time and when it takes damage. This turret is stronger than the Cryo Turret and will be your primary turret for dealing damage.
Tool of Destruction Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Press the skill button to equip a Rocket Launcher that can interrupt enemies and deal large damage in a small area. Hold the skill to create a Minigun that deals damage per shot. The skill remains active until ammo runs out or you change weapon. Your primary DPS tool outside of the turrets that are versatile enough for packs and even boss shredding.

The reason for it is the turrets will be your skills that benefit the most from the Techmonger’s damage scaling. It also means you will be investing heavily into an Anomaly Power build to increase further the damage your Turret skills do. Now that you’re an AP build, you will need a filler skill that benefits from your build’s damage. This is where Tool of Destruction comes in. The Minigun version of this build offers players the range and boss shredding potential that the Borealis Blighted Rounds build offers while giving you plenty of armor, along with extra mobbing and ammo conservation with the right mods and the Rocket Launcher alternative.

However, the Tool of Destruction runs out and has a lengthy cooldown. The Turrets builds will naturally offer extra damage while your Tool of Destruction is on cooldown. It is especially so while you are still working on your cooldown reduction and lack cooldown reduction mods for it.

In addition, thanks to the PAX tree, your Gadget skills get extra damage from your Toxins, allowing your Cryo and Blighted Turret to get bonus damage for targeting enemies with Blighted on it. It’s also a decent way of spreading Toxic, so you can get your ammo back thanks to some mods if you opt for that.

Damage Rotation

  1. Begin deploying your Turrets to begin ramping your legendary set bonus.
  2. Start firing your weapon with a Mage’s Rage, Fortress or Omen on it.
  3. Land critical strikes if you’re using Mage’s Rage and have armor mods like Arms and Anomaly for bonus AP.
  4. Activate Tool of Destruction now you have more Anomaly Power activate, alongside activating your Ordinance AP buffs through the class tree.
  5. Try to land headshots with your minigun shots to refresh any crit or crit-related Anomaly Power mods in your armor.
  6. Continue to use your Blighted Turret to maintain the AP boost for deploying the turret.
  7. Repeat steps 1-4 when your Minigun is on cooldown.

You’re going to need armor and weapon mods that increase your Anomaly Power, especially ones through landing crits. You want to use a weapon with Mage’s Rage, and build those crits alongside mods like Arms and Anomaly. This gives you a significant AP boost, ready for entering Tool of Destruction. Any weapons mods that grant you AP will sadly fade off as active weapon mods don’t work with Tool of Destruction, hence the need to proc them before activating the skill. Mage’s Rage also helps increase the damage of your turrets too, which is a handy bonus. From then on, it’s all about landing headshots and crits with the minigun to keep your crit-themed abnormally power mods active, to increase your damage potential further.

Class and Pax tree

Here is the class tree you want to use for the best Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer build.

The Class tree will invest heavily into the Anomaly Power build, as those will greatly benefit the skill damage of this build. Thanks to Tool of Destruction’s large base cooldown, you will also want to take the cooldown reduction for your Ordinance skills. You will also want to take any Anomaly Power nodes you see.

In addition, you want to take any buff that regards bonus AP when you activate your Dcay and Ordanance skills, as the Blighted Turret and Tool of Destruction grant those AP buffs on use. You will also naturally get the 30% AP buff a lot due to the low cooldown on Blighted Turret. You get a huge spike in damage when pressing Blighted Turret just before entering Tool of Destruction, creating a powerful opener.

We also recommend taking Wipe Out, which sits between the Demolisher and the Tech Shaman skill tree. This grants 20% bonus damage to enemies under 30% HP, making it an added damage bonus for map clearing and boss killing.

Lastly, you want to spend the remainder of your points on getting the Exposing Toxin by going through the Tech Shaman path. Along the way, you should pick up Gadgeteer to reduce your gadget skill cooldown. Gadgeteer lowers the cooldown on Cryo Turret as it grants some extra max HP. You then take Exposing Toxin, which grants vulnerability to enemies affected by your Toxins. Taking this is important thanks to your PAX Tree.

The Desolator PAX tree is very interesting, as your Gadget and Ordanance skills apply Toxic to enemies thanks to the new Lethal Devices PAX talent . It means that your minigun and Cryo Turret will apply toxins. This is important as every part of your build is guaranteed to inflict two debuffs on enemies.

Then you have two options. You can either go down the debuff path, which means your build will do 20% more damage to enemies when it’s all set up from all sources via the Dissection talent. Alternatively, you can go the increased Ordanance damage via the amount of Status Power you have through the Depleted Core. Both of which are in the Desolator PAX tree.

We recommend going to the Dissection perk while you’re getting used to the build. But, once you have weapons that increase your status power stats, and upgrade your gear’s attributes with more status power, your Ordinance skill will get much more value from it. This is when you can really see the skill shred, along with the bonus Anomaly Power you get from mods, which we shall explain in more detail.

Weapons and mods

As mentioned earlier, your weapons are more like stat sticks rather than actual weapons. Your focus for weapons will be legendaries that apply Status Power, with the mods increasing your Anomaly Power. We recommend other weapons with decent mods if you prefer to go for the debuff focused PAX perk. If you do go the debuff route, you’ll also want some status power, thanks to your status effects getting stronger with Status Power. However, the higher you climb the Apoc tiers, the more and more status power you find on items. By the Apoc 20 tier, and with some good luck, you will want to use the Depleted Core as it becomes too good.

Below you’ll find some mods that are worth looking for on your weapons. These are solid choices for improving your crit damage with your Minigun, or improving your Anomaly Power to further increase your skill damage. As for weapons, be on the lookout for weapons which increase your status power, as this is the priority. If they happen to roll with a good tier 3 mod, then even better, but don’t sweat too much about the perfect roll. Below are examples of mods you want to slot onto your weapons or hopefully get with an apocalypse high-status power weapon.

Weapons and mods Icon Description Comment
Fortress Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Stack up to three times to get increased defence and resistance. Reaching max stacks increases damage by 20% Good to stack before entering Tool of Destruction for the extra defensiveness and damage increase.
Mage’s Rage Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical hits increase Anomaly Power by 10% for 15 seconds, stacking up to four times This grants 40% Anomaly Power for a small duration, which helps improve all your skill damage, offering a sizeable damage boost ahead of using Tool of Destruction.
Omen Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Your weapon launches a beam of energy, inflicting bleed to the target and increasing the damage the target receives by 10% Additional status effect to increase your damage if you go for the Dissection PAX talent. Even so, the 10% extra damage buff is still decent for the Depleted Core damage window if this happens to be the third slot for a weapon.

Armor and mods

The armor that you want to use is the Techmonger set. You can use the full set or use individual pieces of the set. The best of the set by far is the boots, chest and torse. You can then opt for other legendary armor pieces or some great purple apocalypse ger that adds the additional skill mods, status effect mods, general anomaly power, or elite theme mods. Below you’ll find a table featuring the mods you need, alongside decent mods that will help empower your build that is nice to have.

Armor mods Icon Description Comment
Arms and Anomaly Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Critical shots increase your AP for six seconds. General skill and status damage DPS boost.
Captain Hunter Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase damage to Elite enemies by 16%. A solid increase in elite and boss damage in Tarya Gratar and boss heavy expeditions.
Danger Close Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Grants 6% Anomaly Power for every enemy in close range Not a high priority mod and works similarly to Untamed Power, which is a nice Anomaly Power boost for close-range situations.
Double Trouble Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deploy an enhanced Cryo Turret with two barrels that increase the fire rate. Goes hand in hand with the Improved coolant mod to make the Cryo Turret fire 4x times.
Euthanizer Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deal 16% more damage to enemies afflicted with Toxic. An overall great Technomancer mod thanks to Blighted Rounds and Blighted Turret builds, made better with the Lethal Devices PAX talent. This is a core mode. that is not part of your core skill improvements.
Feedback Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Reduces Tool of Destruction’s cooldown by 50% Its cooldown is incredibly long, so you need Ordinance cooldown talents and this mod to make the skill viable. Core mod.
Fortify Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Activating the Miningun in Tool of Destruction increases armor Makes you more tanky, which is necessary as the minigun makes you slow and unable to enter cover. Core mod.
Freezing Boost Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Increase damage to targets afflicted with Freeze by 8% Additional damage to frozen enemies. Not as desirable as Shatter but its still good, especially for map clearing.
Hail Shot Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Cryo Turret damage increases based on Status Power. Synergizes with your Status Power, which also works with your PAX tree perks. Core mod.
Hazardous Modifications Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Blighted Turret now fires toxic rounds that deal more damage and has a 50% range increase Increased DPS to your main DPS turret. Core mod.
Improved Coolant Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Cryo Turret’s rate of fire is doubled. General DPS increase and applies freeze quicker. Core mod.
Power Assimilation Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Boosts your Anomaly Power by an amount for each Elite present on the battlefield. Solid mod for fighting both bosses or multiple elites at once, like loot target levels in Tarya Gratar.
Ready for Anything Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot 5% of crit damage against elites is returned as health It is not a high priority mod but its extra defensiveness if you need it.
Toxic Lead Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Killing shots against enemies afflicted with Toxic replenish 40% of your magazine Restores 40% of your ammo capacity for the Tool of Destruction skill.
Twins Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Place two Cryo Turrets before going on cooldown Extra DPS boost in all situations and helps the Techmonger set bonus to scale faster. Core mod.
Shatter Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deal 16% more damage to frozen enemies DPS improvement when targeting frozen enemies, which should often occur with two Cryo Turrets. Core mod.
Untamed Power Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Deal 30% of your Anomaly Power in damage in a five-meter radius every time you use a skill Not a high-priority mod, but it’s handy when you’re swarmed by enemies.

As you can see, there is a variety of armor mods here that make the build very versatile. There are mods that make the Techno tanky during your core skills, along with further enhancing the Turrets and Tool of Destruction DPS potential. For these reason, we believe the versatility is what makes this the best Outriders Worldslayer Technomancer build, and its arefreshing break from the Blighted Rounds meta of a bygone age!


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