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Firestorm mod

Craig Robinson

Firestorm is another new mod added in Outriders Worldslayer, offering players the fantasy of dropping giant fiery lazer beams on their enemies. For those that want to try it out, here is everything you need to know about the Firestorm mod in Outriders Worldslayer and its potential.

Here is a look at the Sunfall SMG and the Firestorm mod that comes with it. Image via Square Enix.

What is the Firestorm mod in Outriders Worldslayer?

The Firestorm mod allows your weapon to summon a fiery beam onto the battlefield. Enemies caught in the take damage and receive burn if they are within an 8-meter radius. The tornado lasts around eight seconds and can grow bigger in size.

Mod Icon Description
Firestorm Outriders Worldslayer Screenshot Successful shots summon a homing firestorm that deals damage annd inflicts burn to enemies wiithin its radius over 8 seconds. The radius of the Firestorm increases with each successful shot on the afflcited target.

This is an interesting take on the AOE weapon mods, with it applying a debuff, and dealing damage. If you want to use something a little different from the likes of Claymore Torrent or Strings of Gauss and other chain-related procs, this might be something for you to take a look at. It’s also a decent concistant source of dmaage for single targget, which makes it a more ideal weapon mod than the likes of Death Ray, for example.

This is also an ideal weapon mod for those who want to mass apply status effects to their enemies. The obvious example is the Pyromancer, which can get more burns out on enemies for a burn build, or perhaps extra sources of burn to consume for any build running Overheat. In addition, the Technomancer can find uses for this for any status debuff build.

How to get the Firestorm mod in Outriders Worldslayer

The Firestorm mod is an exclusive mod for the Sunfall legendary SMG. The weapon has a chance to drop from all Worldslayer content, including Expeditions, Tiago’s vendor, and Tarya Gratar. It does share a random drop chance from the pool of other legendaries, so it may seem fairly inaccessible.

However, like all new Worldslayer mods, it does have a chance to be slotted randomly into an Apocalypse weapon’s third slot at random. The most reliable way of grabbing them is from the options at the end of the Tarya Gratar run to get a guaranteed Apocalypse tier legendary item. It means you could get Sunfall, or find a Firestorm on one of those weapons.

Once you have access to the weapon, you can either dismantle it or mod out Firestorm to add it to your mod inventory. You can then apply it to any gun of your choosing that way.


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