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Technomancer Desolator's PAX Skill List

Ben Chard

PAX Trees are a new system added into Outriders in the Worldslayer Expansion which was released on June 30th, 2022. It adds two new subclass trees for all four classes. This page will detail everything you need to know about the Desolator Branch which is exclusively available to the Technomancer Class.

The Desolator is a PAX Tree that focuses on dealing as much damage as possible.

What is the Desolator Tree in Outriders Worldslayer

The Desolator Tree is all about dealing as much damage as possible with the Technomancer. The final skill in the middle path of the Desolator Tree is Twin Reaper, this will give your Sniper Weapon shots a 75% chance to trigger an echo which in turn deals a further 25% of the damage done by the original shot. The Sniper is already a powerful weapon for the Technomancer, and this skill will make Technomancer’s even stronger, a real highlight for those that like to be a bit more selfish in their playstyle.

There are three paths that you can go down, and you’ll have to make the choice seeing as there are only five PAX points up for grabs. It’s suggested that you focus on getting to the end of a path, rather than spreading your points out because the skills there will change the way you approach the game. Due to the nature of these Trees, you’ll have to dip into the middle before making your final choice on the paths.

The top path focuses on skills that increase your Anomaly Power and Firepower (Initial Striker), boost either your Decay Gadget’s (Brain Dead) weapon damage or Ordnance Gadget’s (Lethal Devices) ability to inflict the Toxic status. It will also grant you Health Regen for 2% when killing an enemy (Pain Killer), allow Toxic the ability to inflict an additional status on top (Permanence), and finally, increase the damage you do to enemies based on every status inflicted on them (Dissection).

The middle path focuses on the same skills as the top path up to Pain Killer, then increase the damage you deal to Elite enemies when using Snipers (Necrotic Tissue) and the Twin Reaper skill mentioned above, which gives your Sniper Weapon shots a 75% chance to trigger an echo which in turn deals a further 25% of the damage done by the original shot.

The bottom path, like the middle path, features the same skills as the top path up to Pain Killer (this is where the main branch is), then allows your Interrupt skills to remove Effect Resistance from elites (Break their Ranks) and to increase the damage of your Ordnance skills based on your Status Power (Depleted Core).

Below, you’ll find a list of all the skills available to Technomancer’s in the Desolator Tree:

Desolator Univeral Path Skills

Icon Skill Description
InitialStriker.png Initial Striker Activating skills increases your Anomaly Power or Firepower by 10% for 5 seconds, depending on which of them is higher.
BrainDead.png Brain Dead Activating DECAY or GADGET skills increase your weapon damage by 15% for 5 seconds.
LethalDevices.png Lethal Devices Your ORDNANCE and GADGET skills inflict Toxic to enemies hit and deal additional 5% of Anomaly Power as damage if Toxic was refreshed.
PainKiller.png Pain Killer Damaging an enemy grants you 2% Health Regeneration for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 2 times.

Desolator Top Path Skills

Icon Skill Description
Permanence.png Permanence Inflicting Toxic on an enemy has 100% chance to inflict a random additional status.
Dissection.png Dissection You deal 5% more damage to enemies for every status inflicted on them.

Desolator Bottom Path Skills

Icon Skill Description
BreakTheirRanks.png Break Their Ranks Your INTERRUPT skills remove Effect Resistance from hit Elites. 7 seconds cooldown.
DepletedCore.png Depleted Core Your ORDNANCE skills’ damage is increased by 100% of your Status Power.


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