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Pyromancer Pyromaniac's PAX Skill List

Shane Williams

PAX Trees are a new system added into Outriders in the Worldslayer Expansion which was released on June 30th, 2022. It adds two new subclass trees for all four classes. This page will detail everything you need to know about the Pyromaniac Branch which is exclusively available to the Pyromancer Class.

The Pyromaniac Branch is one of the two new Pyromancer subclasses added to Outriders.

What is the Pyromaniac Tree in Outriders Worldslayer

The final middle path skill in the Pyromaniac Tree, Arsonist focuses around resetting skill cooldowns, as it has a 30% chance to reset all skill cooldowns, so it’s great for players who prefer to deal most of their damage by using skills. However, there are two other final skills you can opt for in the Pyromaniac Tree, Burnt Offerings (Top Tree) and Trigger Sequence (Bottom Tree).

The Top Path which features Burnt Offerings focuses on increasing your overall burn damage by 10% which is great for players which like to use a lot of skills which inflict burn, such as F.A.S.E.R. Beam or Overheat. Finally, the Bottom Tree which features Trigger Sequence which improves the damage output of explosive skills, such as Eruption.

Pyromaniac Universal Path

Icon Skills Description
MeltingPointOutriders.png Melting point Increase your resistance Piercing by 15% when above 80% HEALTH and by 30% when below 40% health.
ScorchedFlesh.png Scorched Flesh Activating ignite skills increases your status power by 10% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
MasterExploder.png Master Exploder Explosive Skill damage is increased by 100% of your resistance piercing..
ConvectionOutriders.png Convection Reduce all skills cooldown by 4 seconds when all skills are on cooldown - 3 seconds cooldown.

Pyromaniac Top Path Skills

Icon Skill Description
FurnaceOutriders.png Furnace Increase your Status Power by 15% for every enemy afflicted with Burn. Stacks up to 5 times.
BurntOfferingsOutriders.png Burnt Offerings Increase your burn duration by 500% and each consecutive Burn tick on an enemy deals 10% more damage.

Pyromaniac Middle Path Skills

Icon Skill Description
Conduction.png Conduction Reduce your skill cooldown by 15%.
ArsonistOutriders.png Arsonist Activating skills has a 30% chance to reset all skill cooldowns. 5 seconds cooldown.

Pyromaniac Bottom Path Skills

Icon Skill Description
BackdraftOutriders.png Backdraft Your anomaly Power is increased by 30% for every skill on cooldown.
TriggerSequenceOutriders.png Trigger Sequence Activating explosive skills increase the damage of the next explosive skill by 25%. The buff stacks up to 3 times after which it starts anew.


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