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All New Legendary Armor in Outriders Worldslayer

Ben Chard

Outriders Worldslayer which released on June 30th, 2022 brings 12 new Legendary Armor sets for players to get their hands on as they explore Enoch. These consist of two for each class along with four universal sets! Below you’ll find out what they are and the best way to obtain them.

The Technomancer's Flame Leper Set is new to Outriders Worldslayer.

Best Way To Obtain Legendary Armor in Outriders Worldslayer

There are multiple methods players can use to hopefully increase the drop chance of that particular Legendary Armor set you may be after for your Build. First of which is by purchasing them from Tiago who can be found at the camps at the start of new areas. However, you’ll need a large chunk of Drop Pod Resources to purchase them, so make sure you sell some of your Titanium to stockpile more alongside Expeditions.

Alternatively, you can play through the Worldslayer Story and the Trial of Tarya Gratar Endgame with your Apocalypse Tier at the highest you can set it, this increases the drop chance of Legendary Weapons/Armor and also increases the chance of them being Apocalyptic.

New Class Legendary Armor Sets

There are two new Class exclusive Legendary Armor sets available to hunt down at launch of Outriders Worldslayer. These will offer a new way to play your classes, some of which makes them incredibly powerful (such as the Pyromancer’s Heat Seeker’s set). Below you’ll find a list of these per class, with links to individual pages where you can learn more about them.


Icon Set Name Bonus
FlameLeperBody2.png Flame Leper Inflicting Toxic on enemy 3 times transforms the status into Blightfire which deals more damage over time.
TechmongersBody2.png Techmonger Using Turret skills increases turret damage by 10%. Bonus lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.


Icon Set Name Bonus
ScorchedZealotBody2.png Scorched Zealot Melee skill fires a projectile that explodes upon impact dealing x damage and inflicting Ash to enemies within a 5 meter radius. Damage of the projectile increases by 25% for each enemy hit with Feed the Flames, up to 100% Bonus is spent on the next melee skill use.
HeatSeekersBody3.png Heat Seeker After successful detonation, Thermal Bomb travels to the target with the lowest health in a 25 meter radius. Thermal Bomb applied this way deals 50% less damage and can chain up to 3 times.


Icon Set Name Bonus
ShieldbeastBody3.png Shieldbeast Every percent of Shield increases your Anomaly Power by 1%.
TerminalVelocityBody2.png Terminal Velocity Activating Movement skills, rolling, sprinting and having Borrowed Time active during combat generates Anomaly Velocity that boosts your Weapon Damage up to 60% and decays over time. Additionally, your roll is replaced with Phantom Dash, allowing you to pass through enemies.


Icon Set Name Bonus
ConcussionersBody2.png Concussioner Taking damage generates Melee energy. Using your Melee skill releases the energy, dealing 80% of taken damage within a 10 meter radius. The releases damage scales with your Armor. Generated energy depletes gradually every 2 seconds.
BannerlordBody2.png Bannerlord Tremor explosions that damage an enemy reduce the Cooldown of next Impale by 15% Bonus stacks up to 60%.

Universal Legendary Armor Sets

There are four new universal Legendary Armor sets available to hunt down at launch of Outriders Worldslayer. These sets can be used by any of the four classes and usually focus around a certain gimmick. Below you’ll find a list of these new sets, with links to individual pages where you can learn more about them.

Icon Set Name Bonus
TriggerTwitchBody2.png Trigger Twitch Spending 50% of total ammo in your current sidearm magazine as critical shots allows you to perform a special attack activated through your Melee skill. The attack deals x damage split up to 5 enemies within a 15 meter radius and scales with Firepower. Receive 50% damage mitigation during the attack.
DeadeyeBody2.png Deadeye Long Range Weapon Damage bonus is now active regardless of range, but you can no longer benefit from Close Range Weapon Damage bonus.
MartyrBody2.png Martyr All damage received by the player becomes a damage over time effect that cannot be removed.
MaxwellsBody2.png Maxwell’s Demon Each successful Assault Weapons shot grants a Firepower bonus that stacks up to 50%. To reach the bonus, a half of weapon magazine ammo must be spent as successful shots. On achieving maximum stacks the Firepower bonus is raised to 100% and Burn is applied to both the player and enemies within a 15 meter radius. The bonus is active for up to half of weapon magazine capacity. Bonus is lost upon reloading or swapping weapons.

Universal Standalone Legendary Armor

The following are new Legendary Armor Headgear that have no sets and can be used by all Classes in Outriders Worldslayer. Below you’ll find a list of these new armor pieces, with links to individual pages where you can learn more about them.

Icon Name Bonus
DefiledVisage2.png Defiled Visage Receive a 8% Weapon Damage bonus for every skill that is on cooldown.
TheShackled2.png The Shackled Grants a 6% Anomaly Power bonus for each enemy in Close Range. Stacks up to 4 times.
TundraStalker2.png Tundra Stalker When an enemy hits you with a Melee attack every target within a 5 meter radius is struck by Anomaly lightning that deals x damage.
Descendant2.png Descendant You become charged with Anomaly lightning, dealing x damage every 8 seconds to 3 enemies within a 10 meter radius.


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