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What's New in Worldslayer

Shane Williams

This page is designed to let you know all about the new features getting added to the Outriders expansion, Worldslayer which is due to launch on the 30th of June, 2022. However, those who choose to preorder the expansion will be able to get started on the 28th of June, 2022.

Outriders is the new expansion to Outriders.


Outriders was released on all platforms back on the 1st of April 2021. Its main story would take the average player around 15 Hours, but those who choose to do everything with the game could see themselves getting around 35 hours out of it. Unfortunately, the endgame was a bit of a mess at launch, as the servers were preventing people from matchmaking, so a lot of people ended up not trying it at all or dropping it very quickly. However, People Can Fly have set out to fix the problems in the base and have come back with Worldslayer which is an expansion which has a heavy focus on endgame activities.

What To Expect From Outriders Worldslayer?

New Story

The base game of Outriders took players to the world of Enoch to find probes that contain data valuable to the colonization effort, but then soon discover they are just mercenaries which were sent to replenish the lost outriders that were killed in an accident on Earth. Outriders Worldslayer continues this storyline and will take players to more locations around Enoch, but with this you’ll meet new and tougher enemies along the way .

New Skills

Unfortunately, there aren’t any new classes being added into Outriders, but Worldslayer brings two new subclass paths for Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster and Devastator which is called “PAX”. You’ll unlock the skill points needed for the new skill tree by playing through the new content. Below you’ll find the name of each new skill:

Class Skill Trees
Pyromancer Gunblazer and Pyromaniac
Devastor Wrecker and Tectonic
Technomancer Desolator and Overseer
Trickster Specter and Exploiter

New Endgame Activities

Upon completing the Worldslayer Main Story, you’ll be able to access the Trial of Tarya Gratar which is essentially a large dungeon featuring new enemies to fight like the Assassin Shadowbeasts. Additionally, players can choose their paths in the Trial of Tarya Gratar which will lead to unexplored Troves where you can find Legendary Gear, such as the Apocalypse Gear which features a third mod slot.

Ascension Points

Next up, you’ll have access to the Ascension Leveling System after you reach Level 30 which is like Diablo’s Paragon Levels. Continuing to play the game will fill a meter, then you’ll be given an Ascension Point which can be invested into the following stats: Brutality, Prowess, Anomaly and Endurance. Each category has five options which can be leveled and have 10 points put into them. Finally, there are a total of 200 Ascension Points which can be earnt and you can respec at zero cost if you make a mistake.

Apocalypse Tiers

Apocalypse Tiers replaces Challenge Tiers which were a part of the base game. There are a total of 40 Apocalypse Tiers to work your through and each one increases the Difficulty and Maximum Gear Level


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